Thursday, May 28, 2009


I apologize for getting this out to you a little late this week, but I’ve been on vacation the past week. Vacation, that’s a nice word isn’t it. It implies vacating (empty or not occupied) somewhere like our homes or jobs for a time to get away. As a matter of fact, Webster’s dictionary defines vacation as “a period of time away from work for pleasure, relaxation, or rest.” Sounds good doesn’t it. At least if we would use the word for what it means.

Some people never take a vacation and some that do have their schedule so packed they leave little time for relaxation or rest. But our bodies, minds, and souls need to relax and rest on occasion. Vacation is not necessarily about location as much as it is about relaxation. I couldn’t afford to go anywhere like the mountains or beach this year and my summer is packed with church activities and events, so I decided to head back home to West Virginia to just get away for a week and spent my time doing nothing in particular, except not think about work and normal routine for a few days and spend my time enjoying family and friends and doing nothing. Nothing is nice. We should incorporate “nothing” in our weekly schedule and have little mini-vacations often.

Take and enjoy your day(s) off weekly. I know we all got projects and “to-do” lists, and sometimes church, family, and children obligations, but ultimately you have control over your own schedule, so if it’s filled up, it’s because you didn’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t’ say NO!!!! If you are not giving your body and mind rest your slowly killing yourself soon than later. You’re also probably making it difficult for others to enjoy your company because your grouchy, moody, or always tired. We need rest. We need to learn to relax regularly. Whether it’s watching tv or a movie, going fishing, scrapbooking, sewing, or playing golf. Take and make time to vacate from busyness and work to do something you enjoy that is relaxing and restful to you.

Not only take time on a weekly basis, but take time 2-3 times a year (depending on how much vacation you get), even if you can’t take a vacation use a 3-day weekend, for yourself, marriage, or family to enjoy nothing in particular. If you can’t afford that trip to the beach, mountains, Graceland, or Disneyworld take a trip to the zoo, a state park, a city park, a museum, or sleep in, watch all the star wars movies, or something that takes your mind away from work, strife, struggles, bills, and stress for a day or two or a week.

God did not create us to go, go, go and not rest. Even God took a day as an example to us to rest and relax. Our bodies are designed in a way that they need regular rest and sleep. Our minds are created in such a way where it needs time to recharge, refocus, and refresh. We greatly damage our bodies, minds, and soul when we abuse them with little or no time for rest or relaxation. It will catch up with us and it will leave a trail of damage in our lives and possibly others if we do not take care of this one life God has blessed us with. I challenge you today to vacate these premises and find time weekly, monthly, and annually to find pleasure in the simple things in life and rest and relax.

“ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”
Jeremiah 6:16(NIV)

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