Thursday, September 16, 2010

Which Bible version is best? My take

My Take:
Just like most of you, i have opinions, preferences, and personal feelings and thoughts. This issue seems to be a hot button, but it is also one I have become passionate about.

Let me clarify some things:
1. I am not against the KJV, I don't use it anymore, I do use a NKJV and most of my use is in the NIV.
2. What I am against is someone telling me that the KJV is the only bible, the only "authorized" bible, or that any other version or translation is wrong, a sin, or not inspired. These statements are unfounded, ignorant, not biblical, and not accurate. This is not just my opinion. It's truth. My opinion is I prefer the NIV. It would be just as wrong for me to say NIV is only Bible and KJV irrelevant.

In order for the KJV to the the "ONLY" authorized, inspired, correct, or holy version. God is the ONLY one who has the authority to command us to ONLY use the KJV and it's the ONLY version we humans or churches can use, study, teach, or share.

I'm tired of christians, preachers, and chruches preaching and teaching this "Hate" gospel. We need to teach Love, truth, accuracy, grace, and gospel. People are dying and going to hell unsaved, and we are not discipling or helping our members mature. Too many churches and Christians are KNOWN for what they ARE AGAINST and NOT what THEY ARE FOR.

I agree, not all translations of the bible are accurate and one must be weary of certain paraphrased versions of the bible, because these are simpley wrote from english translations and not from the original manuscripts.

I am not going to pretend to be a Theologin or an expert on ancient texts or a Bible College Professor. But, at the same time, I am not going to breed ignorance, arrogance, legalism, or judgment in my life simply based on "that was the way I was taught", "that was the way I was raised", or "that is what I'm comfortable with so everything else is wrong".

I got some news for us all. God doesn't care what our opinions are. God has never asked not one single persons input on putting together His word. Most of the things we do in our churches today are simply based on traditions or teachings past down and not on His truth.

God is the only one with AUTHORITY to say which Version of the Bible we should use and He is the only one AUTHORIZED to make such statements about faith and it's practices and He is silent.

Let me explain it this way. There are several things in our history and life that have evolved because of time, education, and the world progressing and changing. Take the Television for example. Are you still watching a TV from the early 1900's? Black and White? A gigantic floor model that looks like something from outer space? If you are like me I have a flat panel HD TV and thank God for technology and advancements in it. Let me give you some quick history of the TV.

TV can't be contributed to any one person, but a progression of ideas, contributions, etc. As early at 1876, people had ideas and experiments with television. As years passed into the early 1900's the idea of Television evolved. 1901 was first mechanical TV. 1907 tv with the cathode ray tube. In 1923 there were 2 televisions. By 1936 200 tv's existed. 1941 all tv's black and white. By 1948 100 million us homes had b&w tv's. By 1950 we started having color tv and by 1967 most shows were broadcast in color. By 1972 half of TV's in use were color tv's. I could go on, most homes have multiple tv's now. We have 4 in our home. Most people have cable, dish, direct tv, or something. Most homes have DVD players, VCRs, and BluRay's.

My point is. What if back in the early 1900's people said, the first type of TV is the only TV. Any other TV is wrong. No doing research, or advancing the TV. The creator's of the TV set only want theres and theres only. What about other things like Electricty, telephones, computers, or automobiles? Are you still calling an operator to make a call for you in 2010? Or do you like me have a cell phone that I can call, text, email, and surf the internet? What about your car? You still driving a model T? Actually the first car design was steam propelled in 1769 and then a guy made an electric automobile in the 1830's and then Karl Frederich Benz had first gas powered automobile in 1885-86 and that's was before Ford's Model-T. Are we to go back in time and say we can only have steam powered cars? Any thing new, better, or improved is wrong? I doubt it. Then why do we try to limit God, put Him in a box, or spread legalism in our churches?

In our life we have allowed advancements and progression as technology and wisdom of experts has grown. Are we so narrow-minded and ignorant to think that scholars in the 20th Century couldn't look at more manuscripts of the original texts of biblical scriptures(The Bible) and not learn from scholar's and translations of the past, the 1611 King James version to be exact, and not better translate the Bible into a better language or translation the would better help people KNOW GOD and HIS WORD better?

People who are on this kick of ONLY the KJV act like people are trying to take the Bible and turn people away from God or take Jesus off the Cross or God out of Heaven. What makes God's word HOLY is God. Not King James.

I've tried to explain that people even mis-use the word "Authorized" on many King James Bibles. King James back in 1611 did not want anyone using any other Bible besides His translation, so that is the only one the King authorized. Not God, a man!

I drove past a church recently who had on their church sign "we only used the authorized King James Bible" do you really think a lost, un-churched person knows what that means or even cares? I heard a preacher recently in a church I was visiting refer to using "the bible" the KJV, and last night I visited a church and in the pew was a paper a preacher had passed out to people as to why the KJV was only AUTHORIZED Version and only REAL bible. I read it and it was garbage. It was inaccurate, unfounded, and even went as far to say it was wrong for preacher's to quote other versions or that even quoting the originial greek was wrong?

Truth and un-truth are the same way. Both can be passed and spread and believed. I could preach at a church long enough and start pushing my feelings onto people based on my opinions and not truth and eventually many people would or could start following my opinions and take them for truth. Preachers and Pastor's do it all the time, they may not intentionally do it, but it doesn't change the fact, that many of our churches are breeding ignorance or misinformation to truth.

If God's WORD speaks clearly and truly about a subject, we have authority from God to share it and preach it. If God's word isn't precise on a subject, then we DO NOT have authority from God to preach it or teach it. God's word leaves lots of room for our spiritual freedom. The thing is God's word is truth and if you think it has one lie in it, then the whole book has to be wrong, But if you believe it's the truth, you also have to learn that there are reasons God doesn't get specific about certain details. I believe God has the exact details in black and white He intended for us, and the rest He left up to our spiritual freedom.

Do people misquote and misuse God's word alot? Yes! That is why we have cults and people doing things in God's name. That is why we have so many denominations and it may even be why we have more tranlastions of the Bible than we need.

But, for us to not think God gifted men and women to take His word and improve on its translation over the years so that His people could use it, share it, learn from it, preach it, teach it, and mature in it is wrong and sinful. God wants us to be students of His Word, rely on His Word, and live by His Word. He wants the church to progress and evolve and change it's methods and ways with the times so that we can continue to reach lost people and make disciples and mature followers.

I encourage you, I beg you, and I ask you to go to your churches and start studying God's word more and better. Do some research for yourself. I have spent much time looking at this issue of bible translations on both sides of the issue. I have tried to read as much as I can both in God's word and i encourage you to do the same.

Not just about this issue but any issue. Before you become "Set in Your Ways" or draw a line in the sand, or spread negativity study, learn, grow, ask questions, get in discussions, and challenge those who might be teaching in ignorance or error. I know that over the years, I've been wrong about issues or change my mind on issues as I matured in my faith and studied.

My goal is not to divide churches or christians, but to bring them together. To have unity. Sometimes it means to agree to disagree, sometimes it means taking a stand for what you believe. My passion and goal is to help the church grow and to reach lost people and I want God to use me. I'm not trying to prove people wrong, stir up trouble, or upset anyone. I'm just tired of people dying and going to hell everyday while our churches keep doing things the same ways and expecting different results. I do not want our churches dying or missing chances to help people change their lives because we are arguing or fighting over stuff that doesn't matter or is not biblical.

Ask yourself these questions about anything, whether it's the KJV issue or something else. Is this a command or a preference? Is this my personal opinion or based on what God says? Am I being faithful to God or doing my own thing? Am I binding my beliefs on other people or am I open to God teaching, maturing, and changing my heart so i can grow in my faith?

Just alot of things for us all to think about . Use your KJV if you like, if it's easier for your church to use one translation because of teaching, that is great. But do not bind or command anything on anyone based on anything other that God's authority directly from His Word. When we do this we will change, our churches will change, and more people will be saved.

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Debbie said...

Amen, Jason. And they will know we are Christians by our love not our translation. :)

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Think of you always and God's blessings.

Debbie Harpold