Friday, October 22, 2010

Eternal Security?

Eternal Security?

You've heard the saying from certain christians "once saved, always saved", it's a term many people use who believe in eternal security, which means once I "get saved" there is nothing I can do lose my "saved".

However, there are those on the other side of the spectrum who believe in "conditional security", not sure they have a slogan, but basically this group believe "salvation" is a gift from God and people can choose to fall away, walk away, or lose their salvation if they aren't faithful.

I am not trying to argue either side, though my belief is on the side of conditional security. I believe Christians and churches as a whole spend way too much time arguing, debating, and pushing topics or issues they are passionate about while missing the most imporant issue, which is reaching lost people, and discipling new christians into mature christians who grow and serve in their faith.

Nothing wrong with having convictions and being passionate about certain subjects, but we must be careful to ask ourselves, Is this a salvation issue? Which means, does this have to do with my salvation? (i'm talking about does this make me lose my salvation or not have it) other than that, I believe we have freedom in Christ and His Word.

There are many things people love to debate and even claim it is essential to salvation. Churches split, people become enemies, and many people avoid church or leave the faith because of these things. People argue over bible versions, type of music, the rapture, the book of revelation, denominations, church traditions, change, etc..including eternal security.

Look around why do you think they are so many different types of churches and denominations, people can't get along, that's why we have 30 different types of baptist, 20 different types of methodist, the churches of christ have half a dozen fractions, not to mention other denominations that have splintered off of others.

Now I am just giving my opinion based on my own study and learning, but feel my eternal security is based on my faith in Jesus Christ and the grace He showed me through salvation. He saved me and I was obedient and repented and showed my display through being baptized(my expression to God and the world) of my choosing to live for Christ.

I also feel that anytime I would choose to walk away, give up, or turn away from God I would be lost and wold go to Hell. Just like we quit jobs, quit marriages, and change hobbies, I think many people choose God and then chooose the world. There was a time in my past, I feel I walked away from God for a time and I felt lost and until I repented and recommitted did I sense God's presence again in my life.

If you believe in the eternal security doctrine that is your right and choice , but personally I'm not willing to gamble with my faith and eternity with that belief.. My salvation is from God and God alone through Jesus Christ. The good news for you is it's not up to me whether you are saved or not and the good news for me is it's not up to you whether I am saved or not.

Just like many of the issues we debate and disagree over, many of them are God's place to decide not ours. That doesnt' mean we shouldn't study, learn, and grow in our knowledge and faith in God's word. However, our goal should be to be faithful, remain faithful, and continue being faithful until God calls us home.

I've read lots of articles for and against eternal security and they both make good arguments and use scriptures (though well meaning sometimes out of context). My point today is we need to stop focusing so much on whether we have eternal security or not and realize our eternal security is secure in God as long as we are faithful and accept His free gift of salvation. (if you want scriptures on issue let me know, or better yet research yourself or google articles on the subject). If you are faithful in your walk, you won't have to worry about eternal security.

It's just like someone asked me my views on the end of times recently. I said, I'm not planning on being around to worry about it. I'm not trying to skate around the issue, it just shouldn't be that important to people if they are already saved. That's God's business to determine not ours, and I'm pretty sure He's already got it figured out and doesn't need our imput.

If you want to be secure in your eternity, then remain faithful, grow in your faith, serve the Lord, and don't take advantage of God's grace by using it as a license to sin or live how you want. If you are a christian, don't worry evertyime you fall short or sin, you are saved. If you are living a willful life of disobedience and a lifestyle of sin not honoring God, then you should be concerned about. It's really about our day to day lifestyle choices. There are people who never attend church, read their bible, or serve God who think they are saved, and then there are those who attend church regularly, serve, and study God's word and worry whether they are saved or not, it shouldn't be that way. If you have been saved and are serving be secure, if you aren't, then worry.

Also, don't get caught up on all these religous and spiritual debates and arguments, because then you miss God working around you and through you.

Romans 6:1
" 1What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?"

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