Monday, April 11, 2011



I know your first thought is gross, lol. I'm not talking about mold on leftovers forgotten about in the fridge or mold on the loaf of bread in your cabinet. I'm talking about molding and shaping.

What is your life molded from? How are you shaped? You've heard it said, when they made "fill in the blank" they broke the mold. Or that person is from the same mold as His father or mother.

Things in life mold us and shape up. Our families, our surroundings, our experiences, and our choices, all mold and shape us.

However, what we really need to be molded after is Jesus. Our goal should be to be like Jesus. I'm not saying, we can't pick up positive traits from our parents or others, but ultimately, our life should reflect Christ, if we are serious about our faith. Unfortanutely, we also can pick up negative and bad traits from others and life choices and experiences.

Some christian people they mold and shape their faith after their church, after their religious practices, or their traditions. Those things are not Jesus. Some people are so proud to be baptist, or legalistic, or traditional, or set in their ways. They boast and brag. These things aren't molds God wants for us. Jesus came to give us freedom, to liberate us, and to give us a model. He wanted to destroy religion and traditions that people make of God. Our mold should be after God and God alone.

Also, in the world, we mold ourself in so many negative ways. We are over-opinionated, pushy, moody, domineering, selfish, like our way, etc...we are all guilty of this, including me. These practices are not good ways to mold and shape our lives. All they do is cause us conflict, drama, and push people away from us and make it hard to have healthy relationships with anyone, including God.

We need to ALLOW God personal access to our lives from the inside out. Then slowly over time, God molds and shapes our lives. We are like Clay in His hands and He begins to change us. He can change our attitudes, our habits, our personalities, our motives, and most of all our lives. God can do anything He wants to do, but He can only work in our lives if we allow Him. God will never force himself, but if we allow Him, he can mold and shape us into the person He created us to be.

If you are an artist and create something, you understand it takes time. It takes time to paint a portait, create a sculpture, write a song, or make something by hand. God is our artist. He is our creator. He wants to take us in His hands and mold us. shape us.

My prayer for you and me, is that whatever areas of our lives, we are not giving to God, maybe all? We will hand over to God and allow Him to mold us. We need His handy work in our lives if we are going to grow in our faith and do great things for Him. Give yourself to God, allow Him to work in ALL areas of your life and grow you, change you, shape you, and mold you.

Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

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