Monday, May 09, 2011

Learning Lessons

Learning Lessons

I find myself sometimes in church or listening to a sermon/message on the radio and thinking "I wish __________(fill in the name) could hear this." Are you with me? It's very easy for us to want "others" to be taught a lesson and wish they'd hear a good sermon and get convicted for their actions that have hurt us or others.

Truth is we are not God. God is God. It's up to Him who,when,where, what is being taught. Our job is to worry about our own self. There are lessons we need to learn. Believe me, God will keep teaching us the same lessons until we realize He's talking to us, and WE need to hear it.

I am very guilty of this, when I am wronged or see someone else wronged, I want the offender to be convicted, accept responsibility, and for God to teach them a lesson. The fact is, I got my own lessons to learn, and secondly, we have no idea how or what God might be doing to teach that person.

Also, if we do not learn the lessons God is trying to teach us, He will keep providing opportunities until we do "get it" or we will continue to suffer consequences. I think the real issus is that we need to focus more attention on our own behaviors, attitudes, and things God is trying to teach us, and allow God to do His job and not try to do it for Him.

Believe me in the big scheme of things, those of us who are committed Christians don't get what we deserve ,but by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, we are saved and secure. However, there are those out there who reject God and will never surrender to Him and then there are those who claim christianity, but still refuse to follow God's will.

But, the point is today, it's not our job to teach others lessons. It's our job to learn the lessons we need to learn. We all have areas of in our lives where we need to work, focus, and learn things God is teaching us. We also need to allow God to work in the lives of others. If someone has wronged you, trust God that He will bring you justice, and that He will take care of the wrongs in this world people do, one way or the other.

There are happy endings sometimes when people wrong us, know it, admit it, accept responsibility, and seek to make ammends. Nothing wrong with praying for these outcomes, sometimes we cannot have those outcomes and sometimes those outcomes, we are better off without that person in our lives. Either way, we need to let God do His job. He's the ultimate teacher. He will convict those who need convicted, teach people the lessons they need to learn, punish those who do wrong, forgive those who confess their wrongs, but even then we will have to accept the natural consequences.

Learn the lessons God wants to teach you. He taught me a valuable lesson this morning, worry about myself and the lessons I need to learn, and let Him handle others. He don't need my help. God will take care of everyone in His Time, His Way, and according to His will.

The LORD works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed

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