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Holiday Inn Express Religion

Holiday Inn Express Religion

You remember those cool commercials back a few years ago don't you?  Where someone is an "expert" in something and come to find out they really weren't a Doctor, or a Animal Trainer, but they did stay in a Holiday Inn Express the night before. It went with their marketing campaign "Stay Smart".  I for one enjoyed these commercials, because it showed these people who were just average people trying to do things they were not educated, experienced, or skilled to do, yet they thought they could because they stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. (btw picture of Sarah Palin has nothing to do with article, but only funny one I could find)

Sad thing is we got people who live this way in real life, not that they stayed at a hotel, but they they think they are experts or know about things they don't.   Whether they have grandiose thoughts or are narcissistic or simple delusional by their own thoughts, there are people out there who don't go to church, yet they seem to be experts on the church.  They don't claim christianity, yet they seem to know everything about being a christian and how you should be living and acting.  They don't read the Bible or study it daily or regularly (and some don't even claim belief in God), yet they seem to want to quote the bible.

What's up with that?  Now to be fair, I will say there are some churches out there and some "christians" who do bring on trouble themselves and who do hurt the cause of Christ and give church and christians a bad name, but it's like just anything, they are mostly the exception and not the rule.  However, that being said, I also think alot of people who for whatever reasons have issues with God, the church, or Christians like have this idea they know all about the Bible, God, Christianity, Jesus, and the Church yet don't.  I call this "Holiday Inn Express Religion", thank you I just made that up.

I've had people question my faith, my calling, or my christianity in the past because they didn't agree with something I said, or think I said or meant, or did, or God only knows why?  But, my conclusion is it's because people for various reasons (doubt God, confused, been hurt by the church, judged unfairly by a christian, etc...)  have some sort of underlying issue with God, the church, or christianity, so because of that they try to make the church look bad, look for reasons to discredit the bible, judge christains harshly, or try to use the bible against you by taking bible verses out of context, misquoting it, or saying things not even in the bible(of course even chrisitans/churches do that sometimes defending their legalistic ways).

My point being if you don't believe in God, then you should have no worries, shouldn't have to defend yourself or put down others.  I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I  don't go around telling little kids she's fake or they are hypocrites for trying to push santa on me.   I don't believe in psychics,  but I don't go around condemning and telling them how to read tarot cards or palms or quote out of their mystical books to them.  You see my point? If you don't believe in something, then live like it.  There very few true atheists or agnostics out there. They claim it, but if you are trying to prove christianity false or make religion look bad or looking for reasons to discredit it or those who believe that's real hypocracy.  I agree some religion is bad, but believing in God and having a relationship with Him is not.   Also, there are people who have distorted views of God for whatever reasons?   They are spiritual, but not religious; or they are religous, but not spiritual;  or into other gods or religions or something? I think the biggest issue is people are trying to figure out God and fit Him into their mold, belief system and  lives, when true christian faith in God is fitting ourselves into God's mold and His life and allowing Him to work in us.

People fight and argue, condemn christians, churches, preachers, and faith because of their own demons, ignorance, agenda, or confusion.  They try to use the things of faith (bible, church, etc) against christians, that is why its so imporant for christians to know their bibles, and know why we believe what we believe, and  to be mindful of satanic attacks.  Also, we must realize no matter what we say or do, we are going to sometimes be attacked unfairly regardless.  That is the problem of the attacker and not you.  If you are striving to live like Christ, grow in your faith, and be an example, there is nothing you can do with these so called "experts". Nothing you say or do is going to change their mind, because they aren't willing to listen, because "they already know".  They think they know more about church, religion, christianity, and the bible than you and you can and will never live up to their expectations, but funny thing is they are trying to make people live up to a standard they themselves don't practice or believe in.

Truth is, I'm a christain, but I still don't know everything, I am a preacher by calling, but I still sin and make mistakes(and have a past).  I go to church, read and study my bible regularly, and pray constantly, but do I know everything about God, the bible or christianity? No!  But, I do know I don't know everything and don't pretend.  I've stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and I don't know everything about God. I'm even a Priority Rewards card carrying member of their hotel rewards points and Im still not an expert.  Truth is, if you reject God, choose to not believe, or don't accept christianity, then don't pretend you know everything about something you refuse to accept, follow, or receive and don't worry about those "christians".   In the same token, us confessing christians, do need to work daily to know what we believe and why.   If we are going to stay a christian, we need to "Stay Smart" , learn, and grow from our relationship with God.

I Peter 3:15-16(NIV)
15 But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 16 keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.

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