Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not Me!

Not Me!

"Moses said to the Lord, O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue."  Exodus 4:10 (NIV)

Do you know what this sounds like to me? An Excuse. God was calling Moses to go to Egypt and be the instrument He was going to use to free the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, but Moses gave God excuses as to why He shouldn't go, I'm not a good speaker now or in the past, I'm slow, yada yada yada.  Excuses.

Maybe Moses was scared? Maybe He was still ashamed of fleein Egypt years earlier for killing a man? I don't know, maybe He had no self-confidence, or  maybe he was simply comfortable in tending flocks for  his father-in-law?  But, the bottom line is when God calls you to do something, He already knows you can do it, or He wouldn't have called you to do it. God unlike us, doesn't make mistakes.

I believe every individual created by God was created for a purpose and has value, and is called.  Many people never realize it, ignore it, or reject it, many make excuses.  Some people try to find purpose and value in earthly relationships, power, sex, drugs, jobs, money, and hobbies and can't understand why they are never fulfilled, complete, or why enough is never enough?   It's because God created you and me for a reason. 

No we are not all called to be preachers, missionaries, or church leaders, but regardless you are still called to do something for God.  The talents and gifts you have, maybe in sports, music, speaking, or computers? Maybe God wants you to use them for Him. Maybe God wants you to be an influence at your school, at your job, with your friends, in your family? 

But, what do we do?  We make excuses why we can't, won't, or aren't willing.  I remember several years ago I left full-time ministry and struggled spiritually, I wasn't a very good Christian, and for a period of time I still felt God's calling, but ignored it because I was ashamed and felt unworthry like God could never used me again, yet here I am again serving in ministry, because I couldn't stand the constant calling as opposed to ignoring it and running out or excuses why God couldn't use me.  

No matter your past, God can use you. No matter your mistakes, God can still use you. No matter your self-esteem or self-worth, God can use you.  When you find your value and worth in God you can't help but feel better about yourselves.

So what you have a speech problem? So what you have a physical disability?  So what your divorced? So what your an alcoholic?  So what you take anti-depressants(who doesn't these days?) So what your busy?  So what you have a past?  So what you've been a dishonest person? So what you have did and said things you are ashamed of? So what you are shy?  It doesn't matter, all are excuses to not be used by God and He's waiting to you use. He belives in you or He would not have created you, and called you to do something for Him, or be used by Him.

God wants to use you in big and small ways, so stop finding reasons to NOT serve or be used and START seeking God.  Stop making excuses why you CAN'T and start finding ways you CAN.  Again, if God
 made you and gave you gifts, He will supply the strength, wisdom, and means to use them, you will fail with your own strength, but with God, you are limitless.

I leave you today with YES you!  God made you, God wants to use you, what is your excuse?  and BTW Moses finally obeyed and as we say the rest is history!

If you have time, watch this video about a guy name Christopher and ask yourself, what is my excuse for not letting God use me?

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