Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Bible

The Bible

Psalm 119:8(NIV)
"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sing against you."

Psalm 119:133(NIV)
"Diret my footsteps according to your word."

The Bible is the WORD of God.  (John 1) in John He tells us that Jesus is the WORD and the Word became flesh.  The Bible is holy scripture.  For the Christian it should be a map, a guide, a GPS, and an instruction or lesson book..  The Bible is all sorts of things.

Though many want to argue about verions/translations of the Bible, they end up missing the point or the intent of  Holy scriptures.  Though I don't agree all translations/versions are good or accurate, I also from in depth study on my own conclude that not all are bad and certainly not trying to point people away from God or mislead people from God's truth.  I think most scholars wanted to make the bible as accurate as possible and as close to the original manuscripts as possible, but that's another subject.  Either way,  we must use common sense and wisdom to understand the point of the Bible is to help us know God and His plan for us.  Use a tranlation that you are comfortable with or your church uses.

However, the point being today is that as a Christian you cannot grow without actively reading and studying the Bible.  You cannot claim to know God or have a healthy relationship with Him if you are never spending anytime with Him in His Word.  It's like people who try to bake without a recipe or people who try to put together equipment and furniture without reading the instructions. It's like saying you are best friends with someone, but never talking to them or getting to know them.

We need God's word.  The Bible teaches us about the gospel message of Jesus.  It teaches us about the character and person of God.  It serves to guide, equip, instruct, teach, edify, encourage, convict, challenge, motivate, etc...pick an adjective, the Bible is there to reveal many things to us. 

No matter how old you are, how long you've been a christian, and even those of us who are leaders, pastors, teachers, church, no one has arrived when it comes to reading and studying the Bible.  There is always something to learn, and some insight, understanding, or wisdom we can gain.  We will always need instruction, correction, and growth as long as we live on this earth.  We need God's word.

We need to develop a reading plan, get a study Bible or devotional t helps us read and study the Bible.  We need to get involved in a Bible study at work, home, at church, or a small group.   No one can ever say I get too much Bible. 

God did not inspire this Book of His Word to go to waste, lay on a coffee table, book shelf, or in night stand.  It is meant to be read, studied, appreciated, and shared.  Take time to read your Bible. Find ways to be creative and manage your time better and make room for reading and study of God's Word.  It could change your life.


Pastor Matt said...

It is amazing all the FREE and EASY ways to get the word. You Version apps - 100% free, every translation imaginable and many with audio. Bibles can be found everywhere. It is an amazing time. So for those who can't read well, for those with short attention spans, for those who do not like to read. . . listen to the word. Saturate the heart in the word of God.

Jason Thomas said...

yes, I use uversion on my iphone, and I use on my computer, so many ways to get the word, thanks Matt!