Friday, May 04, 2012

In The Midst

In The Midst

Last evening I went to a special National Day of Prayer Service held at a local nursring home.  As I was sitting in the program surrounded by many of the nursing home residents, there was a lady near me that kept repeating a phrase over and over, her name was Geneva.  She kept saying repeatedly, "In the Midst of Jesus Christ".

I couldn't get this phrase out of  my head. I am not sure if she was quoting a song or something from her past, but the phrase she kept saying over and over, couldn't be more profound.  Midst literally means the the middle or center of something.

So, what the saying means is that we need to be snack dab in the middle of Jesus Christ, or Jesus Christ needs to be the center of our lives.

Isn't that a good place for us to be?  Shouldn't we all strive to live in the "midst" of Jesus Christ.  How different would our lives look, our circumstances, or our sitatuions be different or have a different perspective is we saw them from the center of Jesus Christ or in the middle of His presence or His will?

So many times we want God to join us where we are and move to us, when it's the oppositve, we need to meet God where He is and move toward Him.  He should be the center of our lives and from there our lives, problems, and situations could look and be a lot different, but when we try to handle things ourselves, do things our way, or keep our bad or wrong attitude, it is hard for us to not only be in God's will, but to center our lives around Him.

"In The Midst of Jesus Christ"  that is where I want to live and serve and be.  I appreciate that sweet still voice reminder from this precious little old lady named Geneva from the nursing home.   May we all strive to live in the midst of Jesus Christ and keep our lives in His midst.

1 Corinthians 3:16(NIV)Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?

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