Monday, August 27, 2012

Follow God

Follow God

Sounds simple doesn't it?  Follow God.  Many claim to follow God but their lifestyles, actioins, or fruit their life is producing(or not producing) speaks otherwise, but what about the other side of that coin?  What about those who claim to be following God but in reality they are just really following a tradition, or the way they were raised, or a denomination, or a church sect/group, or following a bible version, or a preacher/pastor, or something else?

Yes, many people claim to be following God, but in reality they are really focused on other things besides God.  It more people were following God, christians would get along better, churches wouldn't split, we wouldn't have so many denominations or church groups, and we most certainly wouldn't get all caught up on personal agendas, subjects, and topics.

Do you truly worship God or are you more a follower of the church you attend or the name on the sign?  Do you care more about hot button topics or things you can argue about and put down others, or do you truly love with the love of Christ?  The only time I ever saw Jesus ugly with people was the crooks in the temple and with the legalistic pharisees all who were supposed to be religious, but were more selfish than selfless and more about their agenda or rituals or egos than serving God.

I'm not here to argue one church group/denomination over the others, nor am I here to argue one type of bible version, praise & worship music style, or any other topic you can think of that causes divisions, splits, factions, and disssension in the church.  I'm not trying to argue at all, what I am doing it trying to urge everyone reading this devotional blog today to do their own part to follow God and make following God their first priority.

It's ok to have convictions and prefernces and opinions, but know enough about the bible to know the difference between facts and fiction or common sense or ignroance.  Don't push or bind your feelings or opinions, preferences or convictions on others, as a matter of fact, if your faith is based on the way you were taught or raised, or the church you grew up in and not God and His Word based on your own personal walk with God and your own reading, study, and research, you might want to do a little soul searching today and ask yourself why you believe what you believe? Why do you go to church where you go?  Why do you feel strongly about certain things and not about others? 

So many people will carry on about abortion, gay rights, worship music, bible versions, speaking in tongues, end of times, denominationalism, and all sorts of topics and things, yet they never invite anyone to church, never share their faith, never take time to read their bible regularly, or use their gifts serving God through the local church or out in the community.  We need to get our priorities in line.  Follow God.  Let God's spirit lead and guide you as you pray, study, mature, and grow, and if he gives you a passion for something that is fine, but be careful that you do not become narrow-minded, dogmatic, self-absorbed, or led astray by the devil, yes even the devil's biggest weapons are christians.

Follow God. Not man, not a denomination, not a movement, not a name, not an upbringing, and not a tradtion.  Follow God.

Romans 15:5-6(NIV)
5 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, 6 so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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