Wednesday, October 03, 2012



It's sounds like a nice word doesn't it?  Immune.  I am immune to your negative words!  I am immune to that illness or sickness!  Well I've lived my whole life, all 40 years of it never having an issues with poison ivy until last week!  I got it and I got it good. I had to go get a shot and steroids to get rid of the rash and no one wanted to be around me or touch me for some reason?

I read that sometimes as you get older you immunity to certain things changes, which in this case my years of never having an issue with poison ivy obviously has changed.  I am no longer immune.   It got me to thinking about the way our society has headed.  We used to be bothered by certain things in society, maybe language on tv shows or sex in movies, or social issues that the media pushes, but it seems over time, we become immune to those things and our convictions stop and we no longer are so convicted or offended by things, nor do we stand up for them.

I think of the biggest dangers for christians is when we become immune to the consequences or guilt of sin.  When you first sin, you may feel guilty or remorse and even repent, but if you keep doing it long enough and over time, you stop feeling guilty, or you justify it bein ok, and eventually (in your mind anyway) it's ok, and you have made yourself immune to the consequences or harm of that sin.

We live in an ever changing world and I know so many people think the world we live in today is awful, but if you study the Old Testament and even the New Testament, you see that governments were still trying to force people to go against God,  people were still really sinful and did bad things, and sin was still sin. 

The problem in any time or society is whether christians decide to remain sensitive to sin and allergice to the conseuqences of sin and avoid and flee from it, or we allow other things beside our relationship with God to dicate what we do and say and how we live.

Yeah I lived 40 years without having to worry about Poison Ivy, I had  good run, but now I have to protect myself in the future so that I do not get the rash or suffer the consequences of it's poison.  We need to live our lives the same way.  Protect ourselves against the sins, temptations, people and things, that bring us down, hurt us, and hinder us.

Learn to pay attention to the things that cause struggle, pain, or sin in your life and make the changes you need to make, or soon you will find yourself immune to it and it will be too late.

Proverbs 16:17(NIV)
The highway of the upright avoids evil; he who guards his way guards his life.

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