Thursday, March 07, 2013

Nice Body

Nice Body

Two words I don't ever  hear, lol, talking about me, but it should be words that are spoken about our local church.  When people see our church they should know that group is the BODY of Christ, it's not just a religous group or some social gathering, but they are there with a purpose.

Sometimes churches can be more of a secret society that stay inside the building walls and just do things for themselves, other times it seems there are a lot of great social groups out there like the Rotary, Ruritan, or Lion's clubs that are doing more for our communities than the local churches.

There is something wrong with the picture.  The church that God established in the Bible (Acts 2:42-47)  looked a lot different than many of our local church bodies today.   We have to realize the church is a Body and a living organism that represents Christ and is supposed to be living, active, worshipping, serving, giving, and being and not just meeting 3 times a week, having prayer  meetings, and bible studies, and going through the religious motions.  We are to be active and using all our body parts to reach the lost, make disciples, and serving God in our community.

So can "Nice Body" be said about your church? Is your church making a difference for Christ in your community? Are you being the church? Are you reaching the lost?  Are you making disciples? Do you have all your body parts working together in unison and serving and worshipping God in a varierty of ways or are you all just meeting your normal times doing your normal routines of tradition and religous practices?

The body of Christ is a spiritual being not some building with a steeple or some religious cirlce that meets to sing their favorite hymns and do what they've always done.  We are the Church!  We are the Body of Christ! We were created for so much more than what we do.  We gripe, we complain, we divide, we try to be in control, and we want to be comfortable, when God expects and calls the church to be the opposite of all those things.

It's great to gather together as a church body and sing, worship, pray, study, and hear God's Word preached, but we also much be about the business of Jesus, getting out and serving and giving to our community in love, meeting needs, and showing people where they can find meaning, value, purpose, and hope.

Let's all get busy being the church and being an active, positive, and productive part of the church body!

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