Friday, November 14, 2014

Be Honest with Yourself

Be Honest With Yourself
Sometimes I think the person we lie to the most is ourselves.  At times we can be very self unaware and self absorbed people and we don't or won't acknowledge our problems, our faults, or put any blame on ourselves, or accept any responsibility for our actions.  This is no way to live because it doesn't end well.

I have been guilty of living with this attitude and I think most of us have on some level or in some fashion, but the only way we are going to change, grow, or be forgiven is to start the honesty with ourselves.

Too many people have constant drama in their lives, broken relationships, always make people mad, or stay angry and bitter because they can't see that maybe their attitude or actions are the problem not other people.  Some people go through their whole lives blaming others for their problems, yet if they were hones with themselves they'd see where maybe the blame is looking at them in the mirror, yet they choose to live self unaware so they don't have to "fix" or "work" or "deal" with themselves.

Others are so absorbed with their own selfish desires, making it all about them and what they want and what they think is best, or only caring about how they feel or what they want, it leaves little time or room for anyone else.  Selfish people like this never do no wrong it's always someone else. As long as they get what they want, can be in control, or are right and people agree with them they are fine, but watch out if they don't get their way or it's not about them.

The truth is if we lie to ourselves about our behavior, lifestyles, actions, or attitudes we are never going to change, grow, mature or get better.  If we aren't willing to put in the work and be honest about our struggles and problems we will see little change or growth but a continued cycle of negativity, blame, anger, etc...Also, no one can help you and especially God will not help you as long as you continue to live in this fantasy world of your right and everyone else is wrong, you are smarter than everyone else, or everyone is out to get you, or you're a victim mentality. 

God only helps those who help themselves and God won't work with lies.  We have to be honest with ourselves even before we can be honest with God.  God already knows our thoughts, motives, and hearts, but part of our growth is admitting to ourselves we have a problem, we are to blame, we have the bad attitude, or we are the one who messed up. We must humble ourselves before God an totally surrender our self-denial, self-unaware, selfish, arrogant, blatant, self-inflicting behavior to Him.

If we could only evaluate ourselves with honesty we could change our lives and probably those around us if you haven't done run off everyone that is close to you or tried to help you.  I don't care if it's addictions, mental problems, abuse, disagreements, or any type of problem, sin, struggle, etc...God will help us when we own up to being part(most or all) of the problem.   I also think if there is anyone left who can stand us and we've not burnt bridges would be willing to help us if they finally see us being honest with ourselves, God, and others. 

Remember, nothing changes when nothing changes. If you don't like your life, if you're miserable, can't seem to get along with anyone, always in the middle of drama, struggles, or problems, I guarantee the source of that is someone who is in denial or lying to themselves about their participation in whatever it is going on.

Be honest with yourself. Stop the lies.  Stop blaming others.  Stop making excuses for your behavior.  Stop being selfish. Stop being self-destructive.  Stop using people.  Stop hurting people.  Stop being so blind.  Stop the denial.  Stop lying to yourself. Be honest with yourself.   Next be honest with God. Finally, get help if you need it from a Doctor, therapist, or whoever it takes if your issues are that serious.   God works with honesty. It could change your attitude, your relationships, and most of all your life.

Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value the one who speaks what is right.

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