Thursday, January 08, 2015



Many times in our lives we are asked for our I.D. (our identification) whether it's when writing a check or using your credit card, maybe getting pulled over by a cop, or buying certain products.  What people want to know is, if you are who you say you are, if your face matches the photo on your I.D.

Well unless we are underage and have a fake I.D, or we are in the witness protection program, hopefully we are the real person on our I.D.  This identification shows we are who we say we are.  Well my question for all of us who are saved and confess to be Christians is, can that be said of us and our faith? Does our life and lifestyle identify with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  When we compare our lives and the life Christ wants us to live are they identical?

Too many folks out there want to claim Christianity, yet there is little or no noticeable change in their attitude, behaviors, habits, lifestyle, or character.  While being a Christian is more than just keep moral character traits our character should reflect our desire to not only be like Christ, but want to honor Him with our lives.

We have tons of churches, it would be hard in most towns or counties not to find dozens and some even across the street from each other and churches come in all shapes and sizes, and all those churches big and small probably have those who attend there, that only attend.  They do not really worship, serve, or give they just simply attend out of obligation, habit, or guilt.  That is not the desire or mentality that God wants of His "Church".  He wants us to desire to be there, desire to worship, serve, give, and yes, grow!   God wants us to do more than just show up at a building, He wants us to identify with Him!

On the same token,  God also expect us to identify with Him personally and not just our local church or our church group. I think some people care more about being a member of their particular church or being a part of their particular church heritage (southern Baptist, church of Christ, Catholic, Pentecostal, etc...) than they do being a part of "The Church".   Our identify should not be found in where we attend church locally or in our  denomination/church group, but be found in Christ and Christ alone.  He is the only way to God and only through Him are we saved.

Too many Christians, treat Christianity like a hobby or a side job, and they find their identity in their careers or job titles, or in their hobbies(I'm an athlete, I'm an outdoorsman, I'm a golfer, I'm a fitness instructor, etc...) , or even their earthly relationships (I'm a mother, sister, daddy, wife, grandma, etc...) and not in Christ.  If we don't have an identify in Christ, how can Christ recognize us? How can others see Jesus in us?  How can we expect to grow in our faith and be used by God in His church if our identify is found elsewhere?

I want to challenge all those who claim to be Christian to really focus on putting your identity in your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Strive to put Him first and center your lives around Him.  If you have your identity in Christ, you're not going to fall apart when you lose that job, or get a divorce, or lose a loved one to death, or things don't go your way, or you can no longer do your hobbies, or whatever life throws at you. When your identity is in Christ your life will make sense, have purpose, and you'll never stop growing in your faith and learning.   Spend time in God's Word, spend time in prayer, and spend time serving and giving to God through His church, and when someone asks you for your I.D. you can show them a picture of Jesus. Let your life produce fruit that people recognize as Jesus.

Matthew 12:33(niv)
“Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.

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