Friday, May 08, 2015

Building up

Building UP
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
Does the things you say and do build up others or tear them down? Better yet, if you're a member of a Church are you representing Jesus and His Church body well by letting the things you say and do build up others or is it tearing them down and in the process tearing down the Church and the God's work?
We live in a world where people have lots of things to say, lots of opinions on what they think others should  and shouldn't be doing, yet while they are negatively criticizing others they are doing little positive to help others or the church.  I've found most of the time when people are grumbling, complaining, or criticizing they are the ones who have the issue not others and even more important  is instead of grumbling, complaining, and criticizing they need to  look in the mirror and ask  what are they doing to help or serve or make things better? Why isn't your job too? How can you do your part?
We have lots of supervisors and bosses, but very few workers in the harvest.  People love to tell you what the church leaders should be doing, the preacher should be doing, the sunday school teachers should be doing, the youth minister should be doing, the worship team should be doing, while they are not doing anything constructive or positive themselves.  It happens in churches and really any organization or work place, but the problem is these negative people are tearing down the morale, influence, and health of that organization and when it comes to it happening in the church body, it's more costly and dangerous.
That is why I want to encourage you today to be a positive and productive part of your church, team, workplace, or organization.  Don't spend your time focusing on what you think others should or shouldn't be doing, but focus on what you can do and should be doing or not doing. If you are busy working, serving, or giving you're not going to have time to have your nose where it doesn't belong or even complain about things, and most of the times we complain about things we don't even know or understand or have all the facts anyway and that's not fair or right or  most of all Christ-like. 
I also want to encourage you to be reminded God is in control, not you and not everything is going to be to your liking, the way you'd do it, and truth is not everything is the way it may appear or seem to you.  So  as the old country song goes, "mind your own business, and your won't be minding mine".  But, more importantly use your time and energy focusing on what you can do to help, encourage, or build up others, and help your church, business, school, or team.  If we had more people doing good and less people flapping their jaws the world would be a better place and so would the church.
I also want to encourage you to keep quiet.  You know the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  Whether you realize it or not your words and comments may hurt others, cause dissension, trouble, discouragement, drama, or stir up things that don't need stirred. If you have legitimate concerns take them to the right folks, but don't spread gossip, slander, untruths, and problems in your organization just because you're miserable or unhappy or don't get your way.  When it comes to the church the ramifications are a lot more serious because we are talking about the body of Christ and if we hurt the church or the name of God, we will answer to Him not some earthly person.
So be an encouragement wherever you go, serve, volunteer, worship, or work.  Encourage others and build others up. Use you time and energy positively and wisely and focus on what you can do to do better and be better and help others be better. As a church member build up your other church members and make your church a better place by being a positive member and avoid being negative or hurtful to the church of others.
May we all strive to represent God well and His Church well both in the church and outside in the world.  God needs people who BUILD UP and not tear down.

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