Friday, June 12, 2015

Vacation from God

Vacation from God

Well it's that time of year June-August where many folks will be taking a vacation somewhere or someplace.  Vacations are great, we all need time away, time off, and a vacation from our busy lives, our jobs, our normal routines, etc.   I think many people would benefit from taking more time off and not being too busy, or workaholics, or burning themselves out.

However, one thing that we should never take a vacation from is God.  If you need a vacation from God then your doing Christianity/Church wrong.  We need God 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You are also a part of His Church that same amount of time.  While you may need a break from teaching a class, or leading a church program, or something, that doesn't mean you take a vacation from God or His Church.

We always need to be striving and working toward growing our faith.  If we get burnt out, discouraged, or frustrated with Christianity and/or the Church, remember it's not really God or His Church that you have those feelings/emotions with.  It's probably because you've allowed satan a foothold in your life in someway to discourage or upset you, or satan is using someone else to cause you those feelings/emotions.  Our God does not bring about those type of negative feelings/emotions that would cause us to want to take a break from Him or His Church. 

We as individual Christians have to be very careful to protect our hearts, keep our thoughts pure, and strive to for holiness like God.  We need to find balance in our service to God and not do too much.   We also need to not get so busy doing "church stuff" that we neglect our own personal spirituality.  You need to take time to be in church worship and bible studies too and not always being teaching a class, or with the children or teens, or whatever it is you do.   Make time to be in worship and Sunday school class, a small group, or bible study and participate.

I would also encourage you to that when you do go on physical vacations somewhere or weekend getaways that you don't skip church.  I know there are cases where you may be camping or in a place where going to church isn't possible, but more the most part wherever you are traveling there are churches.  It's very good for us to visit other churches  and see what they are doing and how they do things. It's also great just to go somewhere and be a visitor and enjoy worship. I would encourage you to take advantage of going to church somewhere when you are out of town, traveling, or on vacation somewhere.   Most importantly, don't take a vacation from your prayer life, or reading/studying your bible, your devotional time, or reading some good Christian related books.

God never vacations and we weren't designed by God to take a vacation from Him.  You will find the more time you spend with God if you're doing it right, the more rested in Him you'll be. 

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

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