Thursday, September 24, 2015



Proverbs 12:3(niv)
No one can be established through wickedness, but the righteous cannot be uprooted.

Last night in Bible study we talked about "stability" as a Christian and in order to be righteous in God's sight, we need to be firmly grounded and rooted in our faith. In other words we need to be firmly planted and stay consistent in our faith in order to continue to grow and please the Lord.

I think many folks have a problem with being consistent and have stability and balance in their life, especially when it comes to their faith and that is why their faith is all over the place.  One week they're praising God and think He's awesome and the next week they're blaming God and don't understand why He's not answering their prayers.  

The problem is not God and His consistency or stability, the problem is us.  People want to be inconsistent in their church attendance and involvement, their bible study and reading, their prayer and devotional times and then they won't why their faith is unstable?  Most people who lack stability in their personal lives is because they lack direction, goals, purpose, or discipline and the same can be said for the "Christian" who is all over the place in their faith.

Christianity is a 24/7 365 personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You can't love God on the good days and blame Him on the bad.  You can't just come to church or be involved sporadically or whenever you feel like it.  You can't just pray when you need something or read your bible occasionally. Do you see how the inconsistency has your life out of balance and that is why you're faith is so unstable?

God requires faithfulness of His followers, to receive the rewards or salvation and eternal life, we must be and remain faithful.  Salvation is a free gift, but it does require great sacrifice on our parts to be and remain consistent and faithful because the sacrifice for our salvation was great on Jesus' part. We aren't going to grow, mature, or be what God wants us to be if our lives lack direction, no purpose, no consistency, and all over the place.

People wonder why they struggle, don't feel God, don't see God, or their lives are a struggle and not blessed? I'm not a detective, but I bet I can trace it back to that person having no consistent or stable relationship with Jesus. We all have got to truly surrender to God, make a commitment, and
be faithful to God. This includes creating a stable environment in our lives that will cause us to grow, mature, and know God on a deeper level. 

We have got to be consistent with our Bible reading and study both individually and then with our church body.  We have to be consistent in our church attendance and involvement and getting connected to God and His church Body and doing our part as a body part in the Church.  We also need to be consistent in our service to God.  That is how we create stability in our lives is by having spiritual goals, direction, and purpose and by creating consistency in our lives.   All of this will help us know God better, become more like Him, continue to grow our faith, be used by God, and lead us to a better understanding of God so that we won't drift away, but up and down and all over the place, or in and out of church, or always struggling in our faith.

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