Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Building up

Building UP

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

I think this is one of the greatest scriptures in the Bible.  Because it's a reminder and a much needed command that we need to not only encourage one another, but also build each other up.  Now  in the case of the Thessalonians that Apostle Paul was writing to, He told them to do it, but also stated: "Just as in fact you are doing" meaning they already were encouraging each other and building up each other.

Let that sink in for a minute. He tells the church there to encourage and build each other up, but also notes they are already doing it!  That's great news!  What an awesome compliment to the church there.  Can that be said or your church wherever you're a member?  Can that be said of you?

God wants us as Christ followers and members of His Church to be an encouragement to one another and also to build each other up.  Encouragement and building up each other go hand in hand. We all need to be encouraged and we all need to be built up because life is tough and it's easy to get distracted, discouraged, overwhelmed, angry, or sidetracked in this world. God understands that this is a sinful broken world and the people in it can cause us to be broken down and discouraged, so the last place we need to experience it is by other Christians or in the Church.

Too many times us Christians and church folk get all selfish and self-absorbed and we think church is about us and everything has to be the way we like it, want it, and the way we'd do it. It is then we began to complain, gripe, criticize, and throw our opinions around.  It is when people are like this that others get tore down and discouraged by these types of attitudes and actions. It hurts the church and Jesus when we are being negative, stirring up strife, or chronically criticizing and complaining.

Folks can spend so much time focused on themselves or their petty issues and opinions that they don't take the time to realize the impact or effect they have on others or the Church.  They are literally discouraging and tearing down others and the Church from the inside out. This my friends is sin.

I want to encourage you to use your words, your voice, and your attitudes for encouraging others and building up others.  I want to build you up today and remind you that you can change and do better and be better.  We are all capable and gifted to encourage others and build each other up.  If you think about it, as a Church member we are all a part in the body of Christ and we all make up the whole body of Christ.  Therefore, we each when we work together and see the good in each other can encourage and build each other up and the end result will be the body of Christ being built up and God getting all the glory and worship and the body being in harmony and unity, one.

The reason we are Christians is to be "like-Christ" and when we become Christians we become a part of the body of Christ(the Church) and the Church represents Christ on this earth until He returns for His Church.  So, with that in mind think about this, would Jesus discourage others or be discouraging to others? Would Jesus tear others down with His words, motives, actions, or attitude? Absolutely not!!!!  Jesus is our example of how we are to treat others.   Let's represent Him well as the Church and wear His name proudly as Christians by encouraging one another and building each other up!

Start looking for the good and positive in others and stop focusing on what you'd do, or how you'd do it, or what you like or don't like or your opinion.  Look for ways to be encouraging to others and build up others.  When you're busy and focused on encouraging and building up others, it will bless you and honor God  and it will inspire others!

Be encouraged and built up today and do the same for others!


Steven Falls said...

I appreciate you, your comments and friendship, Jason.

Jason Thomas said...

thanks Steve me as well!