Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More helpful Reads

This is a great book on prayer. How to pray and the importance of prayer. If you want to have a better prayer life read this book. Bill Hybels is a great author and has many great reads.

This is really a small booklet, but is about taking control of your thoughts and overcoming the strongholds in your mind that satan uses against you. Good quick, short read.

This is a book that was developed between a son and father. The son a christian and the dad not a christian. through a series of letters the son leads the father to become a christian over a 3 year period at the age of 73 and answers all the tough questions many skeptics of christianity have. This is a great read.

This is a great little read on the fruit of the spirit. We all could use this type of fruit in our lives.

This lady is such a great writer. She has great insight on our thoughts and our minds and how to have positive thoughts and how everything in our lives begins with our thoughts. A really great read.

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