Monday, October 19, 2009

Who can you count on?

Who Can you Count on?

Accountability. That’s a word we don’t use every day, but it’s a word we need every day. We need accountability in our marriages, friendships, relationships, parenting, employment, finances, and especially in our faith.

Accountability is basically defined as being held liable or responsible or to give account. We all need that. It keeps us honest, and helps us have the utmost of integrity and character. It can help us keep and stay on the right track. How many of us would lose weight, go to church, be faithful, stop smoking, or have honest business dealings if we did not have someone or people in our lives who helped keep us on task?

No matter the situation or circumstance we need people in our lives who tell us what we need to hear not what we want to hear. Of course we have to give these people permission to enter our lives and keep us accountable. There are plenty of people out in this world who have no shortage of opinions to offer us, but most of them we haven’t ask for or want, but we do need to ask those close to us, that we trust, respect, and value to come into our lives and help us to be and do our best, especially in those areas where we struggle, need work, or know we are prone to fail or fall short.

If you struggle with an addiction you need to ask people to help you avoid those things and monitor you. If you are struggling with honesty or integrity ask people to help keep you honest, or if you are wanting to grow in your faith have people who are going to check on you and make sure you are in church, praying, and reading your bible regularly. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own self and actions, but I believe God designed us to help others, as well as, use others to help us overcome, deal with, or grow through things in our own lives.

We need God to help us. Part of God’s help is providing people in our lives to help keep us accountable. Who will encourage, challenge, convict, and keep on us to do the right things and be responsible for our actions, attitudes, and behaviors. It’s really easy to hide things in our lives and keep them secret. We think we are smart and fooling everyone, even God, but we aren’t. We are only fooling ourselves. We may be able to keep our secrets for awhile, but eventually they will come out and when they do, it won’t be pretty.

Whether you are cheating on your taxes or your spouse, whether you are lying to your friends or your boss, whether you are sneaking to smoke, drink, or do drugs, or whether you are skipping church or avoiding God and Christian friends God always knows and truth always finds itself out. We need to surround ourselves with people who will encourage us, help us, and who will love us enough to help us be the best we can be. Do you have accountability? Will you find it? I need it, you need it, we all need it.

“So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.” Romans 14:12(NIV)

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