Monday, March 08, 2010

Blind Sight

Blind Sight

"If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into the pit." Matthew 15:14(NIV)

During Jesus' ministry, He told His disciples the above words when the religious leaders of that day complained because the disciples did not wash their hands and follow their traditions. I am a direct man, so I appreciate Jesus' directness here.

These religious leaders physical had sight, but spiritually they were blind. They were more concerned about themselves and religious tradition than what really mattered. Love, acceptance, grace, truth, and following Jesus and His teaching and truth and not their own selfish agenda or lame religous tradtions. Therefore, though they had sight they were blind, and a blind person cannot lead a blind man, or a blind spiritual person cannot lead others to Christ because they can't or won't see His way.

I work in a new job now where we make optical replacement lenses for people with cataracs who need sugery to have the catarac removed and replaced with this lense that helps give them sight again. (check out picture above, this is what the lenses look like I work with)

That is what Jesus does for people in a spiritual sense. Until we invite Christ into our lives and enter a committed relatiosnship with Him, we are blind. We need Jesus to be able to see. When we move from blind(sin and death) to sight (grace and life) our perspective changes. We are not longer blind to our sin or the sin around us. We look at things and people and situations different. Hopefully alot of things begin to change in our lives.

The important thing is for us to not get so comfortable in our christian faith that we become "blind" again like these religous leaders of Jesus day. Jesus wants us to mature and grow in our faith and not to become stagnant, too comfortable, safe, set in our ways, or even judgemental. Many people somewhere along the way become "blind" again and they start caring more about tradition, opinions, comfort zones, and their own personal preferences instead of caring about what Jesus cares about, like love, grace, mercy, compassion, forgivenss, and freedom.

I want to encourage you to appreciate the "sight" that you have or could have in Jesus Christ. If you don't know Him, get to know Him. If you do know Him, do some self-evaluation and see if your faith is "blinded" by self or "focused" on Christ. The lenses I help produce give many people sight again. Jesus gives us sight that will always help us focus on Him if we choose it.

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