Friday, July 09, 2010

Pack it up, Pack it in

Pack it up, Pack it in

We have been in the process of moving my mother-in-law into a new house, while at the same time trying to move our stuff into her old house where we will be living.

If any of you have moved, you know how tiring, stressfull, and frustrating it can be. In a case like us where we are moving gradually or as we go, it has it's ups and downs.

It's easy for life to overwhelm us with stress, fatigue, frustration, and other emotions if we are not careful. The less exposure we have with God the more our emotions seem to get out of whack.

No matter our cirumstances, situations, or life's problems, we have a peace from God and only a type of peace God can offer, he describes it in scripture as a "peace which transcends all understanding"(Php 4:7).

I'm the type of person who wants to get everything moved and done in one day. We are not in that type of situation and because of the living arrangments and moving as we go, it can create alot of chaos, no structure, or feeling of normalcy. Many things in life can be that way if things don't go "our way" or meet "our expectations", however sometimes our way isnt best and sometimes our expectations are unreasonable.

I challenge you to find the peace of God in all circumstances, no matter the situation. Ours is moving, maybe yours is finanancial? Relational? Work? Illness? Children? Whatever it is seek and find the peace only God can offer us in difficult, trying, and stressful times.

"Peace I leave you; my peace I give you." John 14:27a(NIV)

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