Monday, June 21, 2010

Under the glass

Under the Glass

Usually when you are looking through a magnifying glass you are trying to get a closer, deeper look at something.

Unfortunately, when people are putting you under the magnifying glass it's not for a positive or good reaso, especially when it comes to your faith. It really saddens me that there are so many self-proclaimed "christians" out there who's only evidence of christianity is that they might attend church somewhere.

There christianity however is based on what they do and don't do an d their judgements of what others are doing or not doing. They spend their waking hours tearing others down, criticizing other christians or churches, or gossiping, or being judgemental, all because they don't fit the belief system or mold they have been ignoranting taught or adapted to themsemselves.

Unfortuantely, many people's belief systems are based on the way they way they were raised, their traditions, comfort zones, or uneducated beliefs, and not based on reality,on God's word, and most of all His truth.

Thye put others under the magnifying glass judging every motive, move, and action and it's an unfair and innacurate judgement.

I love it when people tell me I don't act like a minister, even if they don't mean it as a compliment (many do). I don't want stereotyped or put in a category with others that isn't true. I was called by God not man. I also live my life by God's word and not a denomination, peoples opinions, traditions, or anything else. I am not pefect, I make mistakes, I have faults, and don't always do things the "traditional" or "normal" way, but I will always take God and His Word over anything else, whether others like it, agree with it, or judge me incorrectly.

I want to be under God's magnifying glass, not the world's, not man's, and certainly not some self-absorbed ignorant person. There are reasons churches are dwindling and dying and not growing. There are reasons why so called christians aren't maturing, growing, and making a difference. They need to spend less time inward or self-focused and more God-focused. They need to put down the magnifying glass and pick up the Bible.

Don't live your Christian faith judging others, putting God in a box, or following traditions, legalism, or denominations. Stop focusing on issues that don't matter and start focusing on issues that are real, about salvation, and reaching those who don't yet know God.

"Judge not, or you too willl judged." Matthew 7:1 (NIV)

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