Monday, November 15, 2010

Anger Management

Anger Management

I need it, how about you? It's taken me a long time to realize I have anger issues. I don't hit and throw stuff, so I thought I'm not an angry person, but yet I've realized when you don't have control of your anger or angry emotions and you let it control you or how you talk or behave, then you do have a problem.

I get upset, raise my voice, and "vent" or "gripe", but really I'm taking out my anger vocally instead of hitting or throwing stuff. Everyone gets angry, nothing wrong with getting angry, at times we should be angry or get angry. If someone does you wrong, your children disrespect you, or you see someone mistreated, you should get angry. It's not a sin to get upset. However, the sin comes when the anger turns into something else. When it turns negative, unhealthy, or out of proportion to the cause, you might have a problem and you react in bad ways.

Mine went untreated for years and instead of having balance and dealing with things appropriately I let it continue unchecked and when you leave something unchecked, it doesn't get better or fix itself, it progresses and get's worse. Hence, my denial for so long that I had an anger problem. And because of that, I hurt people, or offend people, and people I care about.

Now, I don't write this blog a cured man today, but I write as someone who finally recognizes an area of my life where I struggle and am weak. I now have taken steps to work on my anger, no matter the cause of the anger. Sometimes I fall into old habits, some days i fall short, some days I battle, but now I am prepared because I first realize and accept I have an issue and secondly, I am reading, studying, and praying through it to help overcome it in my life.

An issue seldom just affects you, it affects everyone around you, spouse, siblings, children, parents, co-workers, church family, matter whether the issue is anger, lying, gossip, whatever.

Maybe you are like me today, you struggle with those ugly angry emotions. You want to vent, speak your mind, be blunt, maybe you want to cuss, throw things, or hit somebody. It's very easy to lose control, especially if you don't know or won't admit you struggle with it. Maybe today is the day, to admit you have a struggle and start taking steps in the right direction, whether it's anger, greed, dishonesty, worry, or whatever your struggle. Take it to God, get professional help if you need it, search the net, buy a book, or talk to a trusted freind.

Ephesians 4:26“In your anger do not sin: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry"(NIV)

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