Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gung Ho

Gung Ho

Does those words get you excited? Are you pumped? Psyched? We use this term when we or someone is enthusiastic about something. Some people are lame until you mention something they enjoy and then all the sudden they transform and are all "gung ho" about it.

Or maybe you know people who go in phases with something. One week they are "gung ho" about learning to play an instrument and then next week they are "gung ho" about motorcycles.

Enthusiasm is a good thing, but it like anything else must have balance and boundaries or it will be out of control in an unhealthy way. People unfortunately get all "gung ho" about Jesus and the problem with being "gung ho" is it's temporary and doesn't last.

People start out all hot and heavy and want to do and learn and serve as much as they can in as short amount of time as they can, but the christian faith is a marathon not a sprint. When you approach this attitude with God or with anything, it usually leads to burn-out, giving up, or fading out, because things don't happen fast enough for you, or you can't hold your attention long enough and then you are on to your next big fad.

It's ok to be excited and enthusiastic about hobbies and relationships and especially your christian faith, but make sure your enthusiasm and excited is in balance and in check. It's easy to get excited about dating relationship and start off hot and heavy and once the newness wears off, the relationship dissolves because you or they lost their "gung ho", same thing with exercise or dieting, people want to lose weight and try to lose it in a week and they burn themselves out, you got to pace yourself and build up discipline and stamina, that is why so many give up after a few weeks on getting healthy.

What about church? What about your faith? People get saved and get all on fire for God, but they get frustrated because they seldom realize becoming a christian is only the beginning and it takes time to overcome bad habits, old lifestyles, and form new habits and adapt to a new lifestyle. It also takes a life time of commitment to learn and grow in God's Word and in your service to Him through the local church. People get frustrated or confused when the "warm and fuzzy" wears off and they are tempted or sin or fall short, and they start missing church and stop praying and stop reading the bible.

Check your enthusiasm at the door. Maintain balance and realistic perspective in all areas, especially your faith. Don't try to become Jesus in a day. One day at a time, one moment at a time. Learn, grow, mature, overcome, and endure.

I'll leave you with the words of Paul to the chruch in Corinth about fellow preacher Titus who was coming soon to visit them and take up a collection. He was excited about His work for God and for the church in Corinth. I hope you'll be "gung ho" about your faith, but make it last.

For Titus not only welcomed our appeal, but he is coming to you with much enthusiasm and on his own initiative

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