Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Agenda by nature is typically what people use in meeting, as to go over different topics and issues to make sure they are covered. However, agenda is also what some people have which is an underlying plan.

I know it's hard to believe but not ever person out there in this world has pure, honest, and sincere motives, many of them have a hidden, personal, or selfish agenda. And even bigger heartache is that many people in church and church leadership have these hidden agendas.

Let me explain, some are well meaning, but they are still incorrect in their motives or plans. Many preacher's spend have their sermon's complaining about other pastors and churches, yet I'd bet most of them haven't even talked to them or stepped foot in their churches. There agenda is to tear down other churches and pastor's. It's one thing to condemn sin, but it's another to judge another pastor or churches methods because you don't agree with them.

Some churches and it's members spend their entire ministry trying to prove other churches wrong, claiming they are liberal, letting the world in, using instruments, using "rock n roll" music as they call it, or using a different version of the bible, or having programs or things that aren't old fashion enough.

Too many preachers and churches spend way too much time talking about others and not enough time talking about the love of God. Preach Jesus. Jesus confronted sin while He was on earth when it was appropriate, but most of Jesus ministry was healing, helping, and teaching.

We need to put our personal agendas aside. You can believe what you want about worship music, bible versions, church programs, and doctrinal opinions, but more people are known for what they are against than what they stand for.

Some churches or pastor's are only known for their views on homosexuality, government, eternal security, end of times, pre-destination, music, bible translations, and the list is endless of the topics and soap boxes we get on. I would rather be known for just simply preaching Jesus, loving people, and teaching people to know Jesus or grow in their faith.

I am not talking about having no standards, ignoring sin, or anything goes mentality, but I am also saying, we need to chill out and stop being so dogmatic, judgemental, and stop trying to hate, pressure, guilt, and dumb people into Heaven.

There is a reasons churches don't grow and people seem to always have animosity, turmoil, and drama in their ministries or churches, it's because they are focusing on the wrong things and many times with wrong motives.

We need church leaders to step up and stop these members in their churches with hidden agendas. We need our pulpits in our churches to stop beng platforms for our own personal agenda's on our favorite subject we are passionate about. Church members need to be trained, taught, led, and fed. They don't need to hear the same old same old every week about the same old soap box you are harping on because people don't preach and teach and agree with you.

Our agenda should be Jesus. Our goal should be to reach lost people, and disciple and help thosse who become and are christians mature and grow in their faith. We need to build up the church. We need Christians who read and study their bible, who pray daily, and who serve in the church using their gifts.

We cannot agree on every subject or topic. Not everyone is going to agree with our views, and not every church and pastor is going to teach, practice, or be how we think they should be, that doesn't always make them wrong, sinful, or an abomination. We can serve One God and still have one way to God through Jesus, He is the only way, however, our methods, programs, and even preferences and opinions can be different.

I don't always agree with my parents, my wife, or my kids, but they don't stop being my family and I don't stop loving them, and vice versa. I don't agree with many of the things in every church I visit, or every christian I am friends with, or every preacher I hear, but that doesn't keep me from calling them christian, fellowshipping with them, or getting something positive from them.

I know the road to God is narrow, but that doesn't mean our minds and beliefs have to be so narrow, that only people who agree with us can get to heaven. Drop your agenda and start preaching the love of Christ and see how you and your church may change.

All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the LORD.

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