Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Well a lot has happened in my life since last Christmas. This time last year, I was ending my ministry in Huntingburg, Indiana at Central Christian Church and packing up to move back to West Virginia at the end of 2009. Well I got moved back and here I am a year later.

I left full-time ministry, but never leaving ministry and always open to returning to full-time ministry. I have been able to do some fill-in preaching and youth speaking periodically to keep from being totally rusty. I have been able to speak to a variety of churches in West Virginia.

Ofcourse, I was dating Cheryl last year and we got engaged in April and got married on June 18th. I just passed my 6 month anniversary and she hasn't left me yet, so, so far so good, haha. It has had its challenges for both of us, and we are still in transitation with all the things going on, but there is no doubt God brought us together and has blessed us.

We are still looking for a church home and trying to decide where we want to eventually reside. Please be in prayer for us in that. Currently we are living in Glenwood, in Cheryl's parents old house. The kids are liking their new schools. Lindsey turned 10 this fall and is in 4th grade at Ashton Elementary and is cheering for Ashton in little league basketball.
Josh is 14 and is in 9th grade at Hannan.

Josh was diganosed this summer with Asperger's syndrome ( a high functioning form of Autism) and we are currently looking into resources to best help Josh, because He is also ADHD along with some other issues, so please be in prayer for Josh as we try to best Help him.Josh killed his first "buck" deer this year, a 3 pointer on the first day of deer season, I wasn't as lucky, I harvested a doe, but we are enjoying eating our kill.

Cheryl quit her job at the accounting firm last month in hopes of finding a new job, so currently she is collecting unemployment and job hunting and being full-time mother and housewife until she finds employment. Please pray for her to find a job and if you know of anyone hiring accounting/office manager type people, please let me know. Cheryl also has been going to school online/part-time to try and work toward a CPA. I've been volunteering with the Hannan athletic boosters and doing some announcing for jr high basketball games at Hannan this winter.

This past May Cheryl's dad Johnny lost his 2 year battle with cancer. Also, her grandfather John, Sr. passed away in November, so the Barnett family has experienced alot of loss in 2010. Please continue to pray for their family, as some have had a difficult time dealing with the loss.

I know it seems there has been a lot of bad news this year, but there has been lots of good news. My dad retired the end of July, I got married, and I have been working at Jenkins Fenstermaker Law firm in Huntington, WV as a Courier.
My brother-in-law Tom got back in church. The Reds won their division and made the play-offs, so it's not all been bad, haha.

We are blessed and we are thankful this Christmas! Thank you for being our family and friends. I pray you all have a most blessed Christmas and a Great New Year in 2011.

Love to All,

Jason, Cheryl, Josh, and Lindsey

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