Monday, February 07, 2011

Playing Games

Playing Games

I recently preached on this theme at a youth service. The idea that we live in a world of entertainment and we play, participate, and watch a lot of games. Whether it's video games, board games, computer games, or athletics we play, watch, or watch on TV.

We love to be entertained. However, the problem is life isn't a game. There is no secret code to get extra lives, there is no do-overs, no reset button. This life is all we got. 1 life, 1 opportunity, 1 chance, and 1 lifetime to live.

Many people live their lives treating it as if it's a game. Living for nothing but self. Self-seeking, self-pleasure, self-medicating, and self-centered. Others live their lives not taking anything serious and treating life like it's a joke. While others who have entered a relationship with God realize that this life is only temporary and that we are preparing for an eternity. With that in mind it should motivate us to treat this life different.

It's very easy to go through life non-stop a 1oo miles an hour, work way too many hours, stay way too busy, and miss so much of life. People ruin marriages, ignore kids, and never relax chasing the almighty dollar. Others refuse to work, are lazy, expect handouts, and never do anything with their lives. Others, take, take, take, and never give. Some, go through life trying to find meaning in sex, drugs, alcohol, thrills, etc..and missing the purpose and meaning of why we were created. Some only live for now, never preparing for tomorrow.

I'm not sure what category you fit in, I'm sure there are more. No one enjoys laughter more than me. God wants us to enjoy our lives, but God never created us or this world for this to be our only joy. God wants us to enjoy a relationship with Him and He wants us to prepare and look forward to an enternity of Joy with Him in Heaven. We need to take our soul serious!

I pray that you won't play games with your soul. Don't risk eternity for temporary pleasures and gains. There is nothing in this world, that is worth that. No high, No amount of money, no pleasure, and no success in this world, is worth throwing away your soul and eternity.

Don't play games with your life. Use it wisely. Make the most of your time on this earth. Love others. Serve God. Learn, grow, and seek God. You can still enjoy this life and have fun, but include God. Center your life around Him, dont' try to fit him into your life or schedule. Fit your life and schedule around Him. Don't play games with your life. Find life in God.

(NIV)You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

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