Tuesday, July 05, 2011



That's what we like to do sometimes isn't it? Ignore.  Ignore it and it will go away?  Well I've not learned everything, but I've learned most things in life just don't go away.  Can't ignore the fly or the mosquito it's not just going to get bored and go away.  You can't ignore your whining kid, they won't go away.  You also can't ignore the problem in your life with drugs or alcohol that's turning into a dependence or an addiction.  It's not going to fix itself.  You can't ignore the warning signs and flashing lights of  bad relationships whether friendship, dating, or marriage, they aren't going to just resolve on their own. 

Yes, we can ignore the messy bedroom or the leaky sink or the tight jeans, but guess what, they aren't going to clean themselves, fix themselves, or get loose on their own.  No matter how big or how small the problem, issue, or trouble, things aren't going to be resolved, fixed, or overcome by ignoring them.

We have church leaders who want the title as "Pastor" or "Elder" or "Leader", but when it comes to dealing with problems or preventing problems or "leading", they would rather "Ignore" than lead. When it comes to having a struggle with a sin, or bad habit, or something, we want to just ignore it and live in denial, but problem is it doesn't go away it gets worse, creates more problems, and affect others.

Several years ago, I left  full-time ministry and during that time out of ministry I started turning to alcohol and away from Jesus.  I knew it wasn't ok or right to abuse alcohol or ignore Jesus, but I didn't care, my heart had become hard.  I tried ignoring my problems for awhile.  When I was sad, depressed, lonely, or upset I'd turn to alcohol.  It created more problems that it solved.  I made poor decisions,  I was a bad example, I let people down, and I just created more problems for myself by abusing and mis-using alcohol.  I couldn't ignore the problem anymore or it would have turned into a bigger problem and could have ruined my life, or even any opportunity I had to minister in the future.

Praise God, I stopped ignoring and started dealing.  I turned back to God, He healed me and eventually was able to use me again in full-time ministry.  Sadly, many people don't recover because they continue to ignore the problems.

When you have to have it, have to do it, or your life revolves around it, it's no longer healthy.  Whether it's abusing Alcohol, doing drugs, using people for sex, hanging with the wrong crowd, or dating people who treat you bad, or hanging out with friends who use you, or something less noticeable like having a negative attitude, or being moody, or being judgemental and criticical of others.  Anything, that is ignored long enough becomes a problem, but eventually not just a problem for you, but for those you come into contact with.

You think a drug user is only one to deal with his demons? You think the gossip, the negative, or the angry are  the only ones effected by their behavior?  Everyone pays the price when we ignore stuff.

You refuse to lead and ignore problems in your church, your marriage, or your children, there are consequences.  You refuse to deal with your addiction, it will eventually kill you or land you in prison and definitly alone.  You keep ignoring your behaviors or attitudes or feelings and you will push people away, isolate yourself, and be miserable and make others miserable.

Don't ignore things in your life any longer. Deal with them.  Get help if you need it.  Seek help if you need it.  Change what you can.  Address what you can.  Deal with what you can.  Most of all seek God.  Allow God to help you change, grow, mature, and deal with issues, problems, etc..in your life.  Ask God for wisdom to make better choices or decisions.  Surround yourself with people, family, church, whoever that truly loves you, and will be a positive help in your life.

Don't go through life ignoring things, or it will be a constant reminder of regret, pain, problems, and troubles.  Don't make excuses, blame others, or IGNORE it all thinking it will go away. It will not.  Not only will it not go away, it will come back on you a lot bigger and a lot worse. Most of all don't ignore God and His helping Hand.  God can help you, heal you, and hold you.

Proverbs 8:33(NIV)

"Listen to my instruction and be wise; do not ignore it."

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