Friday, June 22, 2012

Setting Standards

Setting Standards

Whether you're a christian, a boss, a spouse, or a parent, I think we need to set standards for those who we role model for, those who look to us for guidance, and those we oversee.

Wel all know with no rules, laws, etc...there would be chaos, anarchy, etc....Heck, even with those things we still have those to break the law, rules, and act chaotic and have no respect for authority, others, etc...but I think God calls us to a higher standard.

Especially as a church leader, a Christian, and as a role model or parent, we need to set standards for our family, our children, and those whom we have influence.

When we lead and serve in the church, we need to lead and serve by example.  We can't expect others to follow us where we aren't willing to go and we can't expect others to do jobs or tasks we aren't willing to do ourselves.  We shouldn't have to do all the work, but we also need to do some of the work to role model and be an example to others.

As bosses and supervisors at our secular jobs, we need to realize no matter where we go as christians out in the work force, even regardless of whether we are supervisors, managers, or bosses, we represent Christ.  We need to model integrity, honesty, treating others fair, and avoid gossip, dishonest dealings, and tearing others down to get ahead.

As a parent especially we need to set standards for our children.  They need to have clear boundaries, natural consequences for their behaviors & actions, and we need to be consistent in enforcing them.  We also need to pay close attention and monitor and set clear standards for what our children watch on tv, what type of music they listen to, what video games they play, and what they are looking at on the internet.  Remember all those things are luxuries and wants not demands or needs.  We are the parents, we must be the parent, and protect our children from all the media outlets out there.  So many times, I've seen kids posting stuff on facebook, music on their iphods/mp3 players, or they tell me what movies or tv shows they watch and Lord knows what they look at on the web. 

We can't be asleep at the wheel or naive about what our children are doing.  We must be pro-active and smart about technology and what is out there.  Most things have ratings/labels and we must have control/access to our kids things.  It's ok to listen to music, play video games, watch movies, and play on the internet, but please set and maintain standards to protect your children and family so that they aren't led astray or pick up bad habits.

The key here today is to have standards.  Morals, values, integrity, character, and sensitivity to good and evil, & right and wrong.  God is our standard.  His word is our guide.   I'm not sayingf be amish, be rigid, be legalistic, but a person with no standards in their lives is opening pandora's box to sin, regret, bad news, bad habits, rebellion, or worse.  Let God be your standard in your life, your family, your job, and your relationships.

1 Corinthians 11:1
Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ

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