Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some helpful Reads

I've been reading some different books and wanted to pass along some suggested reads for you guys if you are looking for a good resource for yourself or to share with others. These are several books on several different issues.

This is a great book on learning to forgive and not give in to becoming bitter.

This is a great read geared toward men, but male or female could get alot out of this book on overcoming burnout, hurt, pain, anger, and getting your focus on God.

This book is dealing with sexual, relationship, or romance addiction.

This is a great read using mostly the Pslams to help you find God in different life situations

This is a book I am currently reading and it's awesome. It's a great resource to change your thinking and your life.
Let me know if you are reading or have read any good books that helped you. Ofcourse the Bible should be something we are always reading and studying in our life, but reading other books, especially christian based books are always a great learning tool to help yourself or others.

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Cathy said...

I think I'll check a couple of those out. Thanks, Jason!