Monday, February 15, 2010



I watch alot of dateline and 48Hrs mystery shows. Sometimes they have these murders that went years without being solved. Then finally 10,15, 20 years, and sometimes longer there is a break in the case and a person is caught for committing the crime, years after it took place. Many times they have moved on with their lives and probably thought they got away with it, and for years it seemed they did, but eventually it caught of with them.

Many times it seems people get by with stuff. We try to be honest and struggle and people are dishonest and evil and seem to thrive. A spouse repeatedly cheats on his spouse and never gets caught. A child spends years living a lie to his parents and they never find out. A man hides his income from the IRS for years or a woman steals money from her employer. A person lies repeatedly to a friend or betrays a loved one and thinks they get by with it.

Sometimes people do seem to get by with things and maybe they do in certain ways or terms, but they certainly don't get away with it when it comes to God. God repays evil for evil and God says that vengence is His. God may allow bad things to happen in this world because of human beings sinful nature, behaviors, attitudes, and actions but consequences do not go unchecked. If we do believe God's word, we do understand that people do reap what they sow. That people who lie, cheat, still, are dishonest, hypocritical, or do wrong with no repentence will be repaid for their chioces by God.

I know there are things in my life that I did or said wrong that in that situation I may have "gotten by" with it, but God punished me and disciplined me in other ways. Sometimes when people do get caught, they are simply sorry they got caught, they are not remorseful for the hurt or pain they have caused. I'm thankful for God's grace, but also thankful for His discipline. I need it.

I want you to know that people who do wrong or wrong you do not "get away" with it. They may not "get it" the way you want them to get it or in the time frame you want them to, but rest assured God is a God of Justice. In His way and His time, people will face consequences for their choices, poor judgment, bad decisions, and lifestyle choices. Sometimes it's minor things and sometimes it's major crimes, but either way, know God does not look the other way or ignore our behaviors.

The key for us is to learn if we are the guilty one is to learn from our mistakes, and repent and confess our sins and mistakes. To make ammends and accept the consequences of our actions. Don't wait to "get caught", but acknowledge our short-comings. It's like if we tell the truth and stop telling lies to cover up lies, the consequences are less, but when we keep trying to hide or cover up the consequences are greater.

If you are the victim, trust in the Lord's justice and vengence. Pray for God to avenge you and pray for yourself that you forgive those who have wronged you and leave the revenge up to Godl. We can't control how others act and they may get by with it for awhile it may seem, but in time God will expose them. So just like the murders who live free for years thinking they got by with murder, they most likely lived their life in constant fear of getting caught and eventually most of them do and no one escapes God's eyes or judgement.

"do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: 'Iti s mine to avenge; I will repay, says the Lord.'" Romans 12:19(NIV)

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