Tuesday, February 09, 2010



I am not sure how familiar you are with this word? But it's a word that is the opposite of pride or arrogance or over-confidence. It's very easy in our lives to get caught up in our lives and become prideful like we are above the law or arrogant like we deserve more or over-confident like we are better than others.

Whatever the case, at times we need a good case of humility. The thing is if we don't learn to humble ourselves, God is always willing and able to make sure we are humbled. Humbleness is a good thing. It can keep us honest, give us perspective, and keep us closely connected to God.

I got a dose of humility this week. In my new job, I've been training on different jobs. So far they have come to me easy and haven't been too hard to learn, but this past week I can into a job that I having a hard time learning. It was so frustrating to see others doing it and I couldn't, or feeling like I was too smart to not be able to do this job, or that I couldn't figure out why I was having so much trouble. I became very stressed, angry, and frustrated, I was ready to give up.

I finally believe I figured out my problem and have begun doing it the right way, it is a big relief, but even more, it was a huge dose of humility for me. I was humbled by the fact that I'm not as smart or as good as I think I am. Sometimes we need that reminder don't we?

God wants us to rely on Him. God wants our obedience and faithfulness. God wants to be the source of our strength and confidence. God wants us to take pride in our work, but not too much in self. God wants us to have confidence, but confidence becaause of Him not because of self. It is very easy to become arrogant, stubborn, rebellious, prideful, and think you don't need God, or you can handle something alone, or you are above the rules. Luckily, God will provide opportunity for humility.

It is His hope we will recognize it and humble ourselves, but if not, be sure God will humble us.
"For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." Matthew 23:12(NIV)

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