Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fool Proof

Fool Proof

One year ago I started a journey to lose weight. It took nearly six months, but I was able to lose 50lbs. 6 months later from that goal, I am still at the weight I wanted to be, so far so good. I feel so much better, I've went from a 40 to 36 waist and that size is loose. I even have a pair of 34's I can wear. My health is better and I've been able to pretty much eat what I want, exercise without having to count calories, do crazy diets, and go to extreme measures.

It's really all about balance. It would be very easy for me to go back to old habits and gain the weight back, but hopefully I am hoping to "fat"-proof myself and taking measures to keep the weight off and stay leaner and healther and continue to do things to maintain and tone up.

Today is April Fool's day and I guess it's no coincidence this "fool" started his weight loss journey a year ago today. I think weight loss is alot like faith. Many people for a season seek the Lord or go to church or become a Christian, but over time they revert back to bad habits, old lifestyles, or poor decisions and they lose their faith or walk away from God.

I think just as I try to "fat"proof myself, we need to be wise to fool proof our faith so that we do not backslide, fall away, or succumb to the devil and his temptations. Satan usually tempts us with the things we have tried to quit, overcome, or things from our past. Sometimes is laziness, sometimes its a vice or bad habit, sometimes is something we struggle with. We need to take steps in our personal faith to make sure we stay in church, stay involved, and stay involved in reading God's Word, praying to God daily, and being involved in serving.

These type of things will help us to not revert back to our sinful nature and pasts. It may help us keep our focus and attention on God and the future and off the road behind us so we don't return to things, places, and people we don't want to go.

I hope I don't gain my weight back, I hope I can take steps to maintain my current weight, and continue to develop good habits to stay healthy and fit. I also hope I can continue to mature in my christian faith so that I do not return to the ways of the world, but keep my focus on an eternal perspective.

"Blessed are those who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right." Psalm 106:3 (NIV)

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