Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Proposal

*I am supposed to write a weekly blog but with my new job and circumstances it's been hard to find the time and access to be able to sit down and write my weekly blog. Rest assured I will strive to write weekly, but if don't I will at least try every other week or write a couple times a week as time and computer access allows.

The Proposal

Many of you may or may not, but I proposed to my girlfriend Cheryl on Friday, April 2nd. People always seem to want details about these things so I'll do my best.

April 2nd was our 6th month anniversary of dating and Cheryl did not have her two kids that night (Josh 13 and Lindsey 9), so I took advantage of the chance for us to be alone, believe me it's a rarity when you date someone with kids.

We had been talking about wanting to get married and so a few weeks earlier I went out and bought a ring, but hadn't really decided when and how I was going to propose. After knowing she wasn't going to have the kids and it being the anniversary of our dating beginning, I thought it was the perfect time. I also had already talked to her mom(who talked to her dad) and got their blessing.

I put Cheryl's engagement ring in a giant Easter Egg and put it in an Easter basket and then I made Cheryl dinner(ok I brought chinese take-out). She always cooks so just the fact she didn't have to is good. I gave her her easter basket and while she was opening the egg, I got down on my knees and asked her to marry me.

I decided to go simple, intimate, and just the two of us for the proposal. She said Yes! I am blessed. Cheryl and I go way back and grew up together, we graduated high school together, had the same friends, and she's my sister's best friend. For whatever reasons our paths to love didn't cross whether for God's timing, or we ignored it all these years? Either way, God has led us together now and I pray His blessings on our relationship and future marriage.

I've been patient, had may heartaches, and I know I've hurt some people along the way. Lord knows I'm 37 and i'm not settled even though at times I felt pressured to get married by others, society, or even myself. But, I'm glad I didn't get married young only to find divorce, or settle, or marry the wrong person. I believe I have waited and found the person God meant for me.

Now many people have asked about a wedding date? Not sure yet? Hopefully sometime this summer or so, but right now we are thinking will have just have a private ceremony with family and then have a public reception sometime later to celebrate with our other friends and family. We have not worked out those dates or details just yet. It also looks like we will be living out back of Glenwood by her mom once we get married, so I guess Cheryl will be moving back to Mason County and I can't escape it just yet.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for marriage. Also Cheryl's dad is losing His battle with cancer and doesn't have much time, as well as her grandfather Barnett is in hospital and not doing well and might not live much longer. Please also pray for us that we will find a church home.

"God, not you made marriage. His spirit inhabits even the smallest details of marriage." Malachi 2:15a(The Message)

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Debbie said...

Hey Jason

So happy for you and Cheryl. What a wonderful surprise for me to know that you have found that special person.
I hope all is well. Stop in sometime or give me a call when you are in St Albans.

Debbie Harpold