Monday, April 20, 2009

Balance of Life


Alexander "Sasha" Artemev is the Son of a former Soviet Union gymnasts. He came to US in 1994 with his parents. He was a alternate on this year's Men's US olympic medal team, but was able to compete due to Hamm brothers injuries. His routine in the Pommel Horse gave the US Men's team a Bronze medal and they weren't even thought to have a chance to compete for a medal. The US actually had to use 2 alternates due to injuries.

What amazed me about this young guy was how he was not only able to overcome past mistakes that made him an alternate in the first place, the teams injuries, and the pressure on performing at the olympics, but He performed with precision, calmness, and balance. That is what really amazed me about all the gymnasts, both male and female, and on all the different routines is how much they are able to maintain balance. It takes tremendous physical strength and mental strength to do this not only on the pommel horse, but high bar, uneven bars, floor exercise, rings, balance beam, and vault to name a few. I can't even hardly tie my shoes without falling over.

It reminded me of how we truly have alot in our lives to balance. We live in a world where we must balance work, relationships, hobbies, spirituality, and everything in between. Some of us are good at it, while others fail miserable.

God doesn't really expect us all too be olympic athletes, but we could learn alot about their work ethic, commitment, training, determination, overcoming obstacles, and concentration. The key is balance.

Our key to a healthy life spiritually is balance. We need to have a balance in our lives. We can't work 80 hours a week and spend no time with our spouses or kids. We can't spend 5 nights a week at ballgames and give God 1 hour on Sunday and expect to grow. We can't spend countless hours on the internet surfing the web and then give God minutes for prayer, devotion, or bible reading. The key is balance.

We must create and maintain balance in our lives. Start in small areas and work our way up. Take small steps before we take leaps. Start by volunteering to serve more at church, by eliminating some unnecessary hobbies, creating date nights with your spouse or family nights with your kids. Volunteer less for overtime at work or simply stop working extra hours that you aren't required to work. Limit your kids to how many activities they can do a school year. Limit yourself to the amount of committees, organizations, or groups you volunteer to. Make time for recreation and rest.

The key is balance. Healthy balance. Balance gives you rest, stability, less stress, less to remember, more quality time, and is not only good for your physically, but spiritually. God does deserve more of our time, but He doesn't want you in 20 ministries or at the church 7 days a week. He does want and deserve our time for worship, listening, study, prayer, and quality service not quantity service.

Today take steps to become more balanced in your life. Set goals, work on self-discipline, become more self-less, find ways to maintain healthy work ethic, healthy relationships, healthy schedule, and a healthy personal walk with God. That type of balance may not make you an olympic medalist, but you'll win the ultimate prize.

"But Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be give to you as well."

Matthew 6:33(NIV)

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