Monday, April 27, 2009

Follow Through


If you play golf, a good follow through on your shot is important for the distance and accuracy of the ball. Other sports, like baseball follow through is important for pitchers and hitters. In basketball, follow through is important in your shot. In the business world follow through is important with customers and clients. In leadership follow through is necessary in decision making, organizing, training, policies, and structure. As a volunteer, follow through is essential so that we are dependable, trustworthy, and reliable.

Unless you are a professional athlete then follow through in your game does not end the world. But, as individuals in our daily lives, I think we can see the need, value, and importance of follow through in our daily lives. If we don’t follow through in our relationships, jobs, responsibilities, and lives we can become failures, settle for less, lose respect, be undependable, unreliable, and can really screw up our lives and impact others lives. It’s a downward spiral of chaos, confusion, frustration, and division when we don’t become people of our word, value others time, or accept the challenges of the position we may be in.

Our children need a parent to follow through with parenting not friendship. Our significant others need someone to follow through with their part in the relationship. Our co-workers need you do your job so that they can do their job well. Our supervisors, bosses, and leaders need to set the example of quality, efficiency, and example on how they handle situations and decisions that come up and affect our lives on a daily basis. If we volunteer with little league, the scouts, or in our local church we need to follow through with our commitments and do so with effort or don’t volunteer or don’t volunteer if we can’t do it in the time or way that is required.

Our lives, relationships, jobs, churches, activities, and businesses would be so different if people would follow through with their responsibilities, decisions, and word. We would have less stress, less conflict, less confusion, less frustration, and less work. Who cares if you have a good golf swing or jump shot if you can’t manage your home, business, or life?

I think we need to do less better in our lives. We should focus on the important things more and less on the things that don’t matter as much. We should follow through if we are a leader or not lead. I think we should follow through with our service or not volunteer. I think we need to carry our weight in our relationships, jobs, or activities or they are going to fail, be limited, or suffer. I think we can do better and it begins with us. We got to follow through well.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”
Colossians 3:23(NIV)


Cathy said...

I like this post. People are so apathetic now. They don't think through what their actions or their words will show about them. Don't give a false smile, don't volunteer if you don't care and won't do your best, don't lead if you can't put enough time into it. So many will go half way and think "well, I tried". Jesus didn't go half with us. He gave all. Where would we be if he'd just said "Sorry, don't think I'll die for you. I've tried and it's just not working out. See ya!" Life takes work, Faith takes work, Family takes work, and Friendship takes work.

Herdman90 said...

What she said...