Monday, April 20, 2009

You can run, but you can't hide

You can run, but you can't hide

You know that an Ostrich doesn't really hide it's head in the sand when it's scared or it wants to avoid a problem, hoping it will magically go away? This is just a myth, but it is a saying that people use to describe someone who is running or hiding from a problem.What is not a myth is the fact that many people do try and run or hide from their problems, but the reality is that you cannot run or hide from any problem. No problem goes away on it's own until it is dealt with.

Hiding only prolongs it and many times makes it bigger or worse. People try and run from God. I certainly have on more than one occasion. I tried to avoid God's calling on my life so I ran. I tried to run from my sin. I tried to hide from God's will when I did not get my will. We are only fooling ourselves. We cannot hide from God. God is everywhere, all the time, anytime, 24/7 365. He is God. There is nothing He doesn't know at His choosing.If you are dealing with a problem in your life right now, stop running, stop hiding, stop avoiding.

If you are possibly running from God or trying to hide something from Him, Stop! It is time to be honest with God, possibly others, and yourself. It's time to deal with whatever issue it is. Maybe it's something like doubt, confidence, or a fear. Maybe it's something bigger like depression, anxiety, or anger. Maybe it's a death, divorce, or a relationship struggle? Maybe it's a lifestyle that is slowly destroying you or maybe God is prompting to you to serve, give, or do something, maybe even calling you and you are trying to hide? I don't know what it is you are hiding or avoiding today, how minor or major it is, but if you want to run anywhere, run to God.

If you want to hide somewhere, hide in the arms of God. There is nothing that God cannot get us through. There is nothing that God won't give us the strength, power, courage, patience, or endurance to deal with, get through, or face.I've tried it on my own, my way, and without God many times and i've failed everytime. I've never hid where God couldn't find me. I've never hid and my problems went away. I think you will find if you haven't already, the same to be true.

Whatever it takes for you, stop running, stop hiding, stop avoiding, and start facing, start dealing, and start relying on God to get you through.

"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Matthew 28:20b(NIV)

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