Friday, April 17, 2009

Something you can count on

Something you can count on

GOD! When the check doesn't come, when you get the layoff notice, the final cut-off notice, the divorce papers, or the phone call of a loved ones death. There is one thing you can count on when all else fails or dissapoints: GOD!

People like to blame God for their lost job, death, divorce, taxes, and mistakes. But the bottom line is, God doesn't make us do anything and He doesn't cause us harm. We either cause it by our mistakes or suffer because of the mistakes of others. This is the result of living in a world with SIN. Sin is what separates us from God and that can be something we do or someone else does. Sin is ugly, evil, harmful, decieving, and deadly. It is in our world and it can destory us or cause us great harm because of our own selfishness or others selfishness.

However, one thing it doesn't do is keep God from us. We separate ourselves from God, but God never leaves us, we choose to leave. Or we choose to allow the world and it's problems to come between us. Sin separates us, but God never moves. We do.

I strive to be the best man, christian, and friend I can be. I want to do good and be good, but even on my best day, I am still capable of letting people down. God never does! It's arrogant to think we can sin and it only affect us. Our sin affects God, but more importantly those around us. But, you know what? God is always there, ready, willing, and able to accept us back and forgive us. He will pardon us from our sin, but not the consequences. However, no matter the sin, He never leaves us. No matter the sin of others, He never forsakes us or forgets us.

God is always with us, no matter what! Think of a circumstance, something you did or someone else did? No matter how bad, God is still there for you. He will not leave you. You can leave Him or put a wall between you and Him, but He's not moving. He can't. He created you, He created you with purpose, and He created you for His pleasure.

I hope you know how much God loves you today. Even when you hurt, even when you are dissapointed, betrayed, wrong, running, or weary. God loves you and always wants to be near you.

"Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5(NIV)

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