Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you know?

Do you Know?

"Knowing the Word of God does not necessarily mean that we know the God of the Word."
--Chip Brogden

I came across this quote today and it really made me think. (that's hard for some of you to believe, and smoke didn't come out my ears) We can be students of the bible, memorize verses and scripture, know all the stories and parables. We can study the history and culture of the people and places in the Bible and we can read about all the things about God and Jesus and yes we can have knowledge about God and His word, but not really know GOD.

God is who we really need to know and if we begin to build a personal relationship with him, give our lives to him wholly, and become filled with His spirit, then maybe we will truly get to know God for real, personally, intimately, and not just on paper, by name, or affiliated with our church attendance or status.

We can be raised in church, hear about God, and call ourselves a christian. We can know all our church traditions, slogans, practices, and rituals, but do we really know God? Knowing about God isn't enough. Attending church or volunteering at church isn't enough if our heart isn't truly seeking to know God in a real way.

The christian faith is a process. It's about starting where you are and starting that journey toward knowing God. The more you know about God the more you'll discover Him and hopefully decide to give your life to Him and surrender fully to Him and begin walking in a relatinship with Him. When you ask God into your lives and obey him through salvation and baptism God will give you His spirit to dwell in you and will act as a guide, a compass, and give your life more direction.

Hopefully on this journey through this process you'll begin to read and study His Word, the Bible, and/or get involved in bible study or small groups so that you can mature and grow in your knowledge and faith of God. Not just knowing stories or believing in a God, but growing in a personal real way. It's a journey. We all have to start somewhere, no matter our age. Sometimes even if we've been going to church a long time, we realize we've just been going through the motions and have gotten away from a relationship and just been doing religion.

I pray today you'll discover, re-discover, develop or re-develop, or deepen your faith in God, and not only know the Word of God, but knowing the God of the Word!

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