Monday, April 13, 2009

problem solving


I moved into an apartment one time and when I got there my shower drain was stopped up or so I thought. I wiggled the drain release nothing. I tried draino, liquid plummer, and even muriatic acid over the following weeks. I bought a drain snake and tried to unclog it, still nothing. Everytime I took a shower, I was over ankle deep in my dirty water and then it would take forever for the tub to drain out.

Finally, after 2 months of this craziness, I wiggled the drain release again and it came undone. The whole time my drain or pipes were not clogged my drain release was stuck and just needed wiggled hard enough so that it would come unstuck and not be blocing my drain. What a crock! All this time I thought the problem was a plugged drain and it was the drain stop being stuck.

Sort of sounds like problems in life, we try anything and everything to forget our problems, get around them, or through them, when all along we've missed the source of the problem. You cannot fix a problem if you do not know the source. You think your wife is a hag, but the real problem is you don't communicate with her. You think your parents are unreasonable, but the real issue is your a spoiled brat who always wants your way. You think the church doesn't meet your needs, but the real problem is that you don't want to face your sins or admit your struggles.

Do you see how your life is going to stay clogged with junk unless you deal with the real problem? Face the real issue? God can't change your life or work in you unless you are willing to face the fact that some problems are of your own doing? That you aren't perfect and that you can't blame everything on other people.

Anytime you have a problem, always look for the source of the problem and work from there. Don't try to do all sorts of things except neglect, forget, ignore, or go around the real issue.If not you'll end up standing in your own dirty water!

"First pride, then the crash--the bigger the ego, the harder the fall"
Proverbs 16:18(The Message)

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