Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Loyal friend

Loyal Friend

One of the things I've always taken pride in is the fact that people have complimented me on my loyalty to them. I believe one of the best things you can do for your relationships is be loyal. Loyalty is dependable, trustworthy, reliable, steadfast, devoted, and dedicated. Does that describe your relationships and friendships?

I've found in my life that not everyone takes this attitude including people I've called friend. I know I've had people in my life who I thought were loyal ended up not being loyal just because they didn't agree with me, didn't like a choice or decison I made, or just because they may have had their own agenda or opinion.

When people make mistakes, go through a hard time, or have a period in their life when things are out of sorts, the last thing they need is a friend who they can't trust, is disloyal, or is judgemental or critical of you, or stabs them in the back.

We all need accountable and healthy friendships, people who will tell us the truth, confront us when we are wrong, and not sugar coat things. However, that doesn't mean we pretend to be their friend and then criticize them behind their back, pretend to be such a great friend and then bad mouth them or not defend them when others are critical.

What we all need is to surroud ourselves with people who are loyal. People who will encourage, uplift, challenge, and defend us. Jesus Christ is loyal. He loves us despite our faults and yet doesn't want us to stay the way we are and doesn't pretend to be something false. He never turns His back on us and never leaves us or forsakes us. Christ is Loyal.

We all (including myself) could learn to be more loyal in our relationships, honest but tactful. Encouraging not critical, and not speak about a friend to others in a way that would hurt them or harm them, especially if we don't have the courage to speak to them (in love) about it.
You want to be a real friend? You want to have healthy relationships? You want to honor God? Then learn to be loyal.

"A friend loves at ALL times."
Proverbs 17:17(NIV)

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