Monday, April 13, 2009

work in progess


Many of you may or may not know this, but I dropped out of college, heck I even failed my 2nd semester of college when I was a freshman, but back in 2000 I went back and completed my Bachelor's degree, because it was something I wanted to complete.

In 2003 I left ministry, a ministry I felt I shouldn't have left and took a ministry I wasn't ready to take. The downward spiral eventually led me out of ministry, back to WV, and struggling to even attend church and not living a very christian lifestyle. I moved back discouraged and defeated.

I eventually got my head out of my rear and recommitted my life to God. I went back in ministry moving to New Mexico last year, now only to find myself moving back to WV. But, this time it's different. I am healthy spiritually. I feel like God called me out here to New Mexico, yet at the same time, I feel like He wants me to move back to WV. My future is uncertain, but my spirit, faith, and attitude are great and I know God is in control.

The difference in these two stories, is that I failed, but didn't give up. I failed a semester of college and dropped out, only to come back years later and complete what I needed to do. I left ministry and moved back to WV a broken/confused spirit. I come back this time on my own terms, healthy, and ready for what God has in store next.

I know many times we make stupid mistakes, bad choices, and difficult decisions that can really make our life harder or screw up our plans, yet if we will learn from them, grow from them, even accept consquences, we can overcome our past, our mistakes, and be better because of it.
I wish I would have finished college like a normal student, but going back as an adult, I was a better student, I learned so much, and I appreciated my accompmlishment so much more.

I also can't change the circumstances of my past mistakes, and I know there are no shortage if people out there to tell me what I should have or shouldn't have did, and I know my moving back now may bring it's share of critics, but I have something now I didn't have then, and that is confidence and faith in God and His direction. God's direction for our lives isn't always clear at the time, but that is where trust comes in and I've not always been good at trusting the unseen, but for some reason this time I do.

My point today is that we are all a work in progess, sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don't. Sometimes it's right to us and confusing to others. However, God does not want us to give up, throw in the towel, or stay down. Sometimes your going to mess us, sometimes your not going to do the right thing, sometimes your going to fail, but if there is something you need to do, a conversation you need to have, or something you need to finish, start today.

One thing we all need to realize is that as long as we are alive and seeking God we are a work in progress in His hands and God will be faithful and complete His work if you remain faithful even through the bad days.

"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ."
Philippians 1:6(niv)

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