Monday, April 20, 2009


That is someone serious about loyalty to get it tattooed permanentely on their wrist. They must take that word very serious. I take that word very serious too(but I probably have enough tattoo's, haha).What does loyalty mean to you? Is it a spouse that takes care of you during an illness? Is it a company that rewards you a job promotion or raise? Is it a friend that stands by you when no one else does? Maybe you don't know what I'm talking about? Maybe you've been thrown under the bus by people you trusted or respected?

Loyalty is being faithful or devoted to a person, place, or cause. When I think of loyalty I think about people I've had in my life over the years who have been faithful friends to me, probably when I didn't deserve it. People who have stood by me, even despite my mistakes and failures.

I think of my friend Russ who always tells me what I need to hear and I can always go to for Godly counsel and advice who's been my friend since high school. I think of my friend TJ who always has encouraged me and complimented me in my calling as a Minister. I think of my friend Bryan who i've shared in joy and sorrow with together and we've kept that bond of friendship. I think about my dad who is always positive about my life, even when I make stupid choices. I think about my friend Reece who has never judged me or questioned my faith. I think about my friend Wade (who's my boss now) and how supports me and the challenges we face in ministry.

I could mention more (so don't feel left out), but the point it's so important to surround ourselves with people in our lives who are loyal. People who will support you even when you make mistakes, and who will let you know you made mistakes, but they still love you anyway. People who will not leave you hanging, avoid you, forget you, or betray you. We need friendships like this. We need loved ones like this, we need relationships like this in our lives.

We also need to be that type of person to others.Years ago I interviewed at a church and got the job and they told me my references all said the same one thing about me, I was loyal. That made me feel so good and i've never forgot that. I don't want to be remembered for my mistakes, poor choices, or bad decisions. I want to be remembered as loyal. A loyal friend. A loyal follower of Christ. We need to be people who are loyal to their significant others, children, and friends. We need people who are loyal employees, bosses, and business owners.

We need people who are loyal to Christ, His church, and the mission and vision of the local church. How's your loyalty?

"Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful."

I Corinthians 4:2(NIV)

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