Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bird Whisperer

Bird Whisperer

"The Lord is my light and my salvation--whom shall I fear?"

Psalm 27:1(NIV)

Recently, we had a bird get into our church building. I was actually told that it has happened in the past and periodically in the winter time, some birds find a way into our building, probably through our All-Purpose Center. Anyway, this bird came flying down the hallway into our offices. I got it to fly out to our foyer area and tried to get it out the front doors, but it made a detour to our auditorium.

I was able to walk up on the bird and actually pick it up and carry it outside to set him free(I wore gloves no bird flu for me). The bird was scared and chirped loudly in fear, but I assured him he was ok and I was going to letting him go back outside where he belonged. Of course I don't speak birdanese and the bird doesn't speak english, so he had no idea that I wasn't going to harm him. His natural instinct was to be scared and to chirp loudly, when there was no need. I was going to protect him, help him, and set him free.

That bird reminded me of how I can be sometimes when I fear the unknown or something unfamiliar. We are like that as humans. We fear change, or things we do not know, or things we cannot control, or things we think might harm us or cause us trouble. However, scripture reminds us that the only thing we should fear is God(Deut. 6:13, Psalm 19:9 Php 2:12), the creator and sustainer of life. Our fear of God is out of reverence and respect.

If we love God and fear Him, we have nothing else in this world to fear. He is our protector, our Savior, our deliverer, our guide, our safety, our shelter, and the giver of Life. Those of us who enter a relationship with God have eternity with God in our grasp and there is nothing this world has to offer that should cause us to be scared of tremble. Nothing in this world or in our lives, has power over God.

Here that gentle whisper of peace today? That is God, He's holding us in His hands and He's reminding us that we are safe. We are in His hands and He's protecting us. He has set us free, and we have nothing to fear. Whatever you fear, give it to God today.

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