Monday, April 20, 2009

Here's your sign!

Bill Engvall made "Here's your sign" jokes famous for people pointing out the obvious in situations. Like a person locking their keys in their car and trying to open the door with a coat hanger and a passer by saying, "hey, you lock your keys in your car?" and you reply, "No, I just washed my car and I'm hanging it up to dry!", "Here's your sign!"

Now there are times where we state the obvious and can make ourselves look dumb, but sometimes when it comes to God's will for our lives, it isn't always that obvious or as clear as the cop sign warning above.

Determing God's will, direction, and purpose in our lives can be tricky, tough, emotional, and a trying process. Sometimes doing the right thing is very simple and obvious, sometimes it takes a lot of thought, prayer, advice, and time.

There are alot of people who get into relationships or situations without seeking or consulting God and it only ends in hurt, damage, and pain. Many people switch jobs, choose colleges or careers, without truly seeking to know if this is the direction God wants them to take. Others go through life making financial, economical, or personal decisions without seeking any direction or involvement from God.

First, we have to seek God. We have to realize that not only does God want a relationship with us, but He also cares about our lives. He cares about who we date, who we marry, what group of friends we hang out with, our schooling, our jobs, our hobbies, and our day to day lives. That doesn't mean God wants to micro-manage us or control our every move, it simply means He knows what is best for us and created our lives to have purpose, value, meaning, and direction. It's hard to have that if we are not looking or seeking God.

Secondly, we have to be open to God's leading. Which means, we are going to have to base decisions on something besides emotions or feelings. We are going to have to be open to going a direction that our flesh or human nature is telling us not to go.

Thirdly, we have to invite God into our lives. Alot of people simply want to just believe in God or believe all good people go to Heaven. You not only have to believe in God, you have to accept Him, repent, be obedient(faith, baptism, confessing him, etc...) and you have to grow and mature in your faith. Part of the maturing process is learning to invite God into your daily lives and decisions. Asking God for wisdom, understanding, and guidance. That is one of the reason's that God gives us His spirit when we are baptized in Him, to guide us.

We have to want to seek God, we have to be open to God's leading, and we have to invite God to be a part of our lives, not just when we become a Christian, but every day in all we do.
It's not easy, you won't always do it right, but the point is to seek, be aware of God, and follow Him in all that you say or do. Then the sign's will become more obvious.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

Matthew 7:7(NIV)

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