Monday, April 20, 2009

Mercy or Sacrifice? Part 2

Mercy or Sacrifice: Part II

"For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings."

Hosea 6:7(NIV)

I had so much more I wanted to say last blog on this scripture and subject, I decided to write about it again.

Some christians and churches, whether it’s intentional or just passed along from generation to generation, get this idea that God wants us to sing certain songs, use a certain version of the bible, dress a certain way, go to a certain denomination, or act a certain way and we are doing Him a favor or we are better off than others.

I find it hard in my study of scripture and my experiences through life to label God liking old hymns (which were new at one time) over newer contemporary songs, or God only approves of the King James over the NIV or any other version translated after the KJV(last time I checked, the original inspired texts were written in greek and hebrew and aramaic and man later translated into english), which by the way, the KJV was not the first and only english bible tranlasted. John Wycliffe actually had the first hand-written english version of the bible and Johan Gutenburg invented the printing press and the first bible printed ever was a latin bible. John Tindale was the first person to ever print the New Testament in English and later Miles Coverdale was able to finish Tindale’s work and print the entire bible OT & NT.

Later the Geneva bible was printed and was the first to contain numbers and verses. The Geneva bible was the bible of choices for over 100 years. It was the first bible taken to America and was more popular than the KJV when it orginially was first translated in 1611, but the KJV was made readily available to individuals.

Ok that was a big history lesson that I didn’t make up on my own, you can go to to learn and read more about the history of the english bible, very interesting stuff.

Anyway, off subject, and I could write a blog about the bible and where/when all the denominational churches began, but some other time. The main thing I wanted to bring home is that I believe that God wants us to show others mercy, treat others with kindness, help others, and not be judgemental, gossip, or stir up dissension. I think He wants us to love and forgive others like the same way He treats each of us.

God wants us to worship him with new and old songs, He wants us to read His word in a version we can understand and learn from that is translated properly, and God wants us to serve in His church, not the name on the building. I feel God wants us to focus on our relationship with Him and not the traditions of man.

We get caught up going in all these directions which are man-made preferences and to be honest the devil’s traps and we lose focus of what really matters.God wants our mercy, not our sacrifice. He doesn’t want us to dress a certain way, look a certain way, and act a certain way, that "we think" makes us more holy or Godly. God cannot be put in a mold or limited to such a small scale.

People are different; from sex, to upbringing, to culture, skin color, personality, and backgrounds. That doesn’t make us better, it only makes us difference. We all can worship ONE God, in ONE body, and ONE church, with ONE faith and I think God is big enough for us to do it in different ways and styles without us making it the ONLY way.

I think that is what God is saying with the desiring mercy not sacrifice, He wants our hearts of sincerity not our rituals of habit and stubborness.
Just my thoughts.

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