Monday, April 20, 2009

Poor Choices

Poor Choices

"He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." Proverbs 13:20(NIV)

Anyone who feels like they always make the right decisions and choices, is either nuts or living in a fantasy world. We all at times makes unwise choices.

We marry the wrong person, we date someone for the wrong reasons, we date or have friends who are bad for us, we try stupid activities, we do dangerous things, we go places we shouldn't, do things we shouldn't, and are around people we shouldn't be around.

Sometimes we make decisions or choices without thinking it through or clearly. Sometimes we don't think at all. Sometimes we are just downright selfish, foolish, or desperate.

I've made my share of foolish decisions in my life. Leaving or taking jobs, who I dated or befriended, and my actions. I try to live life without regrets, but when you do stupid stuff, regrets are a natural reality. And what some people may not realize is that your foolish or selfish choices effect others. They effect your family, friends, and those closest to you.

People who say they don't have regrets are in denial of their mistakes or are people who aren't learning anything from their poor choices.

We need to fill our lives with Godly wisdom. We need to seek out Godly relationships who we are very open and honest with and who we allow to be very candid and frank with us. We need to avoid people and places that we know are bad for us and will result in nothing but pain, heartache, and trouble.

We can justify our motives or actions, but God knows our heart. You can fill a box with garbage and put pretty paper and a bow on it and it can look pretty on the outside, but it's still filled with garbage.

I'm striving to make less poor choices and to learn and heal from my past poor choices. I challenge you to do the same. I also challenge you to stop making the same poor choices or stop making more poor choice trying to fix other poor choices. Break the cycle, save yourself and others from more pain.

God's desire for us is Godly, wise, hopeful, and joyful lives in a relationship with Him. He is our strength, He is our hope, and He is our guide to living Wiser lives.

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