Monday, April 20, 2009

Church Complainer

Church Complainer

"Do everything without complaining or arguing"
Philippians 2:14(NIV)

Boy, that's a tough one, I just stepped on my own toes, I am so clumbsy! I know about complaining because I am a recovering complainer that has relapses, and i don't like it because I don't like when people complain to me or about the church. I'm not complaining about complainers, i'm trying to make us realize we need to change.

People complain about stuff that doesn't really matter, they complain about stuff that makes them uncomfortable, or isn't their preference, or is something they've not taken the time to research, understand, or give time. It can be so discouraging to a person, a family, a workplace, a relationship, and a church when people want to constantly complain about everything.
The grass isn't green enough, the sky isn't blue enough, and everything in between. Something, I've had to accept is that everything doesn't have to be my way and it's ok. I've also had to accept that others haven't realized that themselves yet.

Churches are notorious for people who want to complain about everything in the church and 99.9% of it is stuff that doesn't matter? Stop having Sunday Morning services, stop using the bible, tell others Jesus isn't the only way to God, then you can complain. Those are essentials. We should complain about legitimate issues, but not opinions, preferences, or non-essentials to salvation.

People complain because churches don't sing the old songs, or too many new ones. People complain because the church doesn't work around or cater to them or their families schedule. People complain because churches don't have traditional meeting times and places, or they no longer do things the way we've always done them. People get comfortable and complacement and that is a breeding ground for complaining when things change.

I find the solution rather simple, STOP! Get over it! Or go find a church that does things the way they've always done them and isn't changing(I also bet they are dying). Or be mature enough to accept the changes and realize God and the church is bigger than your wants, and maybe the church has a bigger mission and purpose to accomodate and reach more people? Start helping and stop complaining! We've got to stop majoring in the minors and start being a part of a church family that is relevent, serving, leading, and reaching out.

We are constanly updating our vehicles, houses, clothing, our technology to keep up with the times. We adapt and adjust constantly, why do we expect the church to stay in the dark ages to fuel our comfort zone? God calls us to be a New Testament church, that means our foundation and principles are in the New Testament, not our ways, traditions, or methods. The churches model is not the 50's or 60's or the 70's or 80's. The churches model is the bible and freedom in Christ. The church must keep the message the same, but adapt our methods so that we can keep reaching lost people and keep feeding our members.

Join me in striving to be one less complainer in the church. Use your voice to share the gospel, encourge someone, be positive, or stand up for what is right. Don't let Satan use complaining to blind you or hurt your church family. We all can do better, let's begin today.

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