Tuesday, April 14, 2009

same team?


I thought we were all American's, but you wouldn't know that if you watch television, read the newspaper, or look at news on the internet. Our society is fighting with each other and tries to force us to take sides, Democrat and Republican.

We don't vote for the best person for the job, or the issues, we vote for the party? I don't understand it, never have. I have a party, I share many of their views, but we are all still individuals and not every republican or democrat shares my same passions, views, or convictions.

I am interested in politics, but not obsessed to the point of arguing or debating. This article today is not about politics as much as it is about life. We are losing our focus in America. We need to stop drawing party lines and choosing teams, and remember we are God's first and American's second.

We need to base our politics and opinions on God's will and then on this Land of the Free God has blessed us with and stop arguing stupid politics.I've always been a believer that if people at our Capital, both state and national levels would stop worrying about party politcs and start voting what is best for God and America this would be a difference place we live in. We are on the same team, not democrat or republican, but American, children of God.

We do the same thing in the church, we start choosing sides, conserative or liberal, baptist or methodist, charismatic or traditional, niv or kjv, instrumental or non-instrumental, the list is endless.We are on the same team. One faith, One Lord, One baptism. We need to stop trying to prove other christians wrong or one church better than the other and start preaching Jesus and reaching people who don't know Jesus personally. Do you see how easy it is for us to lose our focus? Not just in politics, but in the church, and in life.

If we'd start seeing each other as God's children and start seeing everyone through God's eyes it would change the way we think, act, and feel. It might change our politics too. We are God's first, not the worlds. We are American's, not democrat or republican. We are on the same team, God's team. We are God's! Remember that when you vote, work, play, and live.

"It is God Himself who has made us what we are."
Ephesians 2:10(TLB)

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